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Flower Fairies

By Catherine Niu, age 15, Georgia

If you turn right when you see a certain rusty, dilapidated mailbox, walk very slowly past a tiny gurgling stream, through the field where every rainbow ends, and under a very large and beautiful maple tree, you will see a small cottage.

This cottage looks like it ambled out of a fairy tale. It has a thatched roof with a few patched holes here and there, a small, square, stone chimney, and sky blue walls. The door is brown (the color of coffee with two and four sevenths spoonfuls of milk mixed in) and there are two small windows on each side. A picturesque abundance of flowers lie on either side of the door, drape along the sides of the walls and cover the entire backyard until finally blending in with the surrounding forest. With reds, pinks, yellows, purples, blues, oranges, and many green leaves, it looks from afar as if rainbows engulf the entire cottage.

The inhabitants of this little cottage are a mother and her seven children. Though surrounded by natural beauty, this family leads a hard life; they earn every penny through backbreaking labor and spend every spare moment of the day gathering whatever food they can find and looking for work in the nearby town.

But though they were poor, this family would never turn down anyone in need. Whenever unfortunate people happened upon their cottage, the mother would offer what little food they had and let them rest.

When the mother and her children went into town to buy food and necessities, however, all the townsfolk mocked them. People in town sniffed in disdain at their lack of shoes, their ragged clothing, and the fact that they had no father. No one knew that their father had been killed defending his family from bandits, or that their mother worked her hands to the bone trying to support her family. Despite the rudeness of the townspeople, despite their difficulties, the family living in the flower cottage was still kind.

When evening came and it was too dark to work any longer, the mother would gather all her seven children by the fireside and tell them stories. These stories were the highlights of the poor children’s lives. Their mother’s magical voice led them away from their life of poverty, away from the jeering of the townsfolk, to places they did not know even existed. Together they dove under the oceans to visit the graceful mermaids, watched from the balcony as the beautiful princess found true love, and smiled as the wise and powerful wizard defeated evil and brought peace to the lands.

Meanwhile every night outside the cottage, in the stillness, the surrounding flowers would seem to glow and sparkle. Among the chirping crickets’ night song, soft, fleeting sounds of tinkling fairy laughter would waft on moonlit breezes. Silvery flowers seemed to reflect the enchanting winking of stars scattered across the robe of midnight. You see, these flowers were exquisite, the homes of beautiful flower fairies. The kindness the family had shown had not gone unnoticed by these tiny eyes.

One night, when everyone was sound asleep, the fairies went to work. Using their magic, the fairies conjured up an empty flour sack and filled it to the brim with gold. They then made every person clothes, shoes, and boxes of food. Leaving everything on the doorstep, the fairies retired to their flowers.

The next morning, in the soft, golden light of dawn, the mother discovered her doorstep to be covered in goods. Tears of happiness flowed freely down her face as she gathered the bundles in her arms and showed her children. As they took everything inside and looked at it all, trying to make sure it was real, the mother noticed a note attached to the sack of gold. It said:

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the ones who receive them, and they bless you, the giver.

Later on, when the family again went to town dressed in new clothing, the town folks no longer jeered. They let the mother find a job teaching children and telling stories, the job she had been trying to get for years. With steady income and the help of the flower fairies, life for this family became full of comfort and happiness.


  1. That was a really good story. I loved it. It is no wonder that you won.

  2. very good composition,i see exactly why you won. Good job!