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May’s First Grade Adventure

by Leni Roeser, age 7, Illinois

There was a little girl named May who really wanted a dog. Her parents were both allergic to dogs. They tried everything. They even gave her a remote control dog but she still wanted a real dog. Her mom and dad did not want to disappoint her. They would not give up because when they were little they wanted to be the best mom and dad in the world.

One day they thought of a good idea. They were so excited to tell May the idea. In one week it was her birthday so they decided to wait to tell her. Then, when it was finally her birthday, they told her. “If you want a dog so much, why not get a cat?” May asked really excitedly, “Really, Mom? You would get a cat for me?” May’s mom said, “Yes!”

The next day they went to the pet store and there were so many different animals. They went past the dog section. They went past the fish section. They finally got to the cats. They did not know which one to pick. May came to a cat.

“I want this one,” she said.

Her dad came over to her. “That is a calico cat. He is cute. What will you name him?” he asked.

“I will name him Kit Kat,” said May. They bought Kit Kat and went home.

The next day was May’s first day of school. She was worried. “What if first grade is hard for me and I miss Kit Kat?” May asked.

May’s mom said, “If you don’t go to school, all your friends will miss you.”

May said, “Maybe you are right. They will miss me.” So they went to the store to get school supplies. Then the next day they went to school. When May was not looking, Kit Kat hopped into May’s school bag. Kit Kat wanted to go to school too!

When they got there, May’s mom dropped May off at school. May was excited. Now she rat to her new classroom. When she got there, her new teacher greeted her. May’s new teacher said, “Find a seat. I will get you a hook.” When her teacher took her bag, it started to move. She opened the bag and said, “Eek! A cat! Help!”

May said, “Let me see her.” Her teacher handed her the bag. When she looked inside she started to giggle. “How did you get in here, Kit Kat?”

The teacher called the office and May’s mom came to get Kit Kat. When it was time for school to end, May’s dad came to get her. May’s teacher asked her dad if she could talk with him. He said yes, so they went into the hall. They said, “Stay in here, May.”

When they came out the teacher said, “May is squinting at the board. I think she needs glasses.”

“OK,” said May’s dad.

The next day they went to the eye doctor. The doctor looked in her eyes. She said, “She needs glasses.” So they next day they came back and they looked at the frames. May liked all of them. She did not know which ones to get. Finally, she decided. The glasses had red and orange stripes.

When May got home she ran straight to show Kit Kat. When Kit Kat saw her, he ran away because she looked so different. Then she took her glasses off. Kit Kat stopped and turned around, then slowly walked back to May. May showed Kit Kat the glasses. Kit Kat started to purr. “Do you want to try them on?” She asked. He purred, so she put them on him.


  1. Leni /

    this story is so touching. my favorite part by far was “the doctor looked into her eyes. She said, ‘she needs glasses'”. such a talented writer

  2. This story is soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!