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Moonlight Magic

By Laine Kennedy, Age 9, Indiana

In the midst of the night, Moonlight was laying down on the smooth, cold stone next to the moonlit lake. Moonlight was a small, gentle, black Persian cat. As the wind rustled through the bushes, the feline purred and hissed music into the howling wind. The young, black kitten curled into a small, pumpkin sized ball. Then a new kind of howl came upon the stone. A howl that sends a chill down your back. It was a wolf! The cat’s body immediately lifted as the sound got louder. By then, more voices joined the pack. Dashing and darting through the woods, the kitten allowed its tail to drag on the ground at the wrong moment…..SNAP! A hidden bear trap had snapped on the poor feline.

She was stuck and the wolf was so close that she could hear him breathing. I am doomed, she thought. All of a sudden, out of the bushes came the biggest wolf she had ever seen. There was no place to run. The trap was too heavy to drag. Just when she thought there was no chance of survival, the wolf slipped on the wet grass, tumbled over some stones, and fell down the bank into the swampy lake. His scary howl, as he fell, scared the other wolves away. Now she was alone, cold, and frightened, and no one was around to help her.

Moonlight’s tail was broken and the pain from the trap ran through her body like a bolt of lightning. She had lost all hope of escaping from the forest alive, when out of nowhere, she heard the sound of soft footprints coming closer and closer. There was no time to think, her little heart was beating too fast. Just when she thought her “nine lives” were over, the sweetest little face appeared right before her eyes.

“What in the world have you gotten yourself into, Deary?” asked the little old lady. “Let me lend you a hand,” she said. The little cat was too weak to answer. She could only lie as still as she could, while the kind lady eased the trap open and she was finally free. Blood trickled down her tail as the kind lady held her close and carried her out of the forest. In a few minutes they approached a small cottage. She could smell apple pie and she could feel the warmth of the fireplace and the reflection of the flames danced around the room. Oh, what a wonderful place. Life can’t get any better than this. she thought. But it did!

“You can call me Granny, and if you like, you can live with me and my grandchildren forever. Of course, my grandchildren get into all kinds of mischief and you would have to help me keep an eye on them.” Before Moonlight could answer, a young boy and his sister came running into the cabin. They were carrying a bunch of cherries. The boy had more on his face than he carried. When the children saw the wounded little kitten, their eyes lit up and they forgot all about the cherries that flew all over the floor.

“Oh, Granny, can we keep her? Please, please, please! She will bring us luck. We will call her Lucky,” said the young boy.

“Of course you can keep her, but her collar says her name is Moonlight!”

“Then Moonlight it is,” they all agreed.

Moonlight’s tail quickly regained strength because of the children’s homemade cast, and the love they gave her. Granny also helped by making warm milk for her every day. Within a month she was better than normal (and bigger than normal). Since Moonlight came to live with the family, the children seemed to get into less and less trouble. The little black kitten had become their best friend and was with them always. There was something magical about them since Moonlight came into their lives.

Granny started to notice some weird things around the house, such as paw prints on the ceiling and the house was cleaner than usual. There were some other changes around the house too. The cat cuddled with the boy every night while he was doing homework. The boy went from a straight D student to a straight A student in one grading period. He began to enjoy school, unlike he used to. Granny also noticed that Moonlight watched the girl practice dancing every afternoon. The girl was even asked to dance in a show in front of everyone in the entire city. Granny had to sneak Moonlight into the show, but it was worth it. The girl had a wonderful performance. Even Granny was charmed by Moonlight. Granny had trouble knitting until Moonlight came. Moonlight curls up at her feet and plays with her yarn while she knits. With Moonlight’s help she has been able to knit anything from stuffed animals to winter coats. Granny has made at least $100 in extra money from selling her fabulous knitted items. Granny used this money to secretly buy a playground set for the children for Christmas. The children were delighted.

Granny was a kind woman and had saved a kitten’s life. Her kindness was repaid. The black cat seemed to be magic, Moonlight magic, that is.


  1. Carole Baughn /

    What a beautiful story Laine! Congratulations on your win. I work with your Nana – she is very proud of you and has every reason to be. Best of luck on future story writing!

  2. Coach Ginny /

    I knew you were a great story teller! Great Job. You are awesome.

  3. Lilly King /

    Great story Laine!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Larraine Lasher /

    What a wonerful story Laine. I am so very proud of you.

    Love you,
    Great Aunt Larraine <3

  5. Paula Pinkstaff /

    Congratulations Laine!!! Great story, keep up the good work and you have made your mom and dad very proud.