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Music Review – Connect the Dots by Rabbit!

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor


With streamlined melodies and voices which truly do go together, the album Connect the Dots from the band Rabbit! is purely sweet. While much of the mainstream music today tends to layer on the background vocals and instruments, the band takes a more minimalistic approach and strips the songs down to their purest forms to provide a truly delightful sound. Their lighthearted style provides something not unlike the Beatles’ melodies like “Yellow Submarine” and is something that kids and adults will enjoy. The predominant theme of the song collection appears to be highlighting the optimistic aspect of life, and how, no matter what, there are things in life universally enjoyed.

The band Rabbit! came together in late 2008, with members Devin Moore, Ashton Allen, Emma Jean Branch, and Yara. They wrote this debut album in late 2009 in the town of Mount Dora, Florida. From there, the band has made a name for itself throughout their Floridian community and on MySpace. Since its inception, the group has found its music in national commercial campaigns including Verizon and Honda.

Connect the Dots CD Cover

Their usage of unique instruments, like a kid’s keyboard, provides a playful sound to their recordings, and they have a consistent musical style and approach throughout all of their songs. What are some other critics saying?

“Rabbit! conjures up a grab bag of sound bites to be interspersed throughout their debut album…”-Real Sound Theory and “Connect the Dots is a really great album… [because] they are pretty different [from] any other band I’ve heard before,”-Indie Rock Kid

“Rabbit! is definitely a group unique to themselves, But the most apparent theme throughout the album is that they’re in it to have fun.” –Dyson Sound.

For the most part, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree. Rabbit’s! album includes cheery, peppy songs about the great things which make up life, many things that we gloss over and take for granted.

What sets Rabbit!’s music apart from many other ensembles is that their music makes you feel good inside. When I first heard the opening beats to their opening number, entitled “Magic”, it was truly uplifting. Their songs add a lighter touch to many mainstream songs that we hear on the radio today, and with cute song titles like “Jellybean”, “Ladybug”, and “Life is Sweet”, the album will get you to think about the best things in your life!

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