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Global Village: Hong Kong

By Lea Mahoudeau, age 13, Hong Kong

I live in Hong Kong with the busy streets of people nudging their way through, the loud traffic and honking of cars or the dark clouds of pollution that fill your lungs with a poisonous air. You can look at it that way or you can look at the amazing skyscrapers towering above our heads, the amazing luxurious shops and malls each more magnificent than the next.

When you’re in Hong Kong it is tropical, so it can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and the worst is that it can reach up to 100% humidity so you feel heavy, hot and sticky.  But what is positive is that we have no winter but it will cool down to reach a light, breezy weather where everyone is outside. When you go to Hong Kong you will notice that the sunlight is different in Hong Kong; the light is exceedingly bright and sharp. In Hong Kong we don’t get tan, we burn!

What’s great is that we can find anything there, like food from all over the world and a lot of exceptional objects. Everyone here speaks English since it belonged to England for 100 years! I live on one of the 250 islands were everyone is an expatriate from all over the world! It’s great here because of the freedom; all children can walk around town alone without any risk of danger.

Hong Kong is very small and no one is allowed to own any land; everyone lives in apartments. Most apartments are very nice, but they are still quite small compared to a house! “Hong Kong Side” is the main island (like town) where there are a lot of shops. There are also many other little islands where people live where the only way to get there is by taking a ferry. The sea in Hong Kong is very polluted. If you swim in it you will be covered in rashes. The sea is black and smells very strongly. You can always see tons of garbage floating about. Most islands in Hong Kong are spotless; you will never see any trash lying about.

In Hong Kong we have exotic plants which you don’t see in Europe or America. Sometimes we can wake up one morning and look out of the window and see nothing. That is because when the humidity reaches 100%, you can barely see in front of you! When this happens it can be very hard to breathe because instead of breathing air, we breathe some water. When the humidity reaches this high, all of the walls are covered in water. Even floors are covered by puddles of water. Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often. Another problem is the pollution; pollution smells like strong toxic gas (a bit like rat poison, but not as strong).

Another thing that affects Hong Kong too is typhoons; typhoons are these big whirlwinds that bring down many things on their way. Typhoon 1 is not a big deal – it’s just lots of wind. But when it reaches Typhoon 8 we aren’t allowed to go to school or outside, the buildings start to sway (but that’s good because if it didn’t it would just break in half), we cover the windows in duct tape so if they break they won’t shatter all over the floor. When it’s over we go outside to see all the damage it has caused like broken trees and light posts fallen down. Serious typhoons only happen once a year. Otherwise we have about 5 minor typhoons a year, but they don’t get really serious at all. Some people in Hong Kong live in boats because it’s much cheaper since in Hong Kong, the price to buy an apartment is the same as a castle in France. People who live in boats belong to a club with all the other people who live on boats.

Hong Kong may have many disadvantages, but it has many advantages too, like all places in the world. I have lived in Hong Kong for 12 years now and I have no intention of leaving any time soon.

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  1. Its really nice to hear about your experiences Lea, i think that what you wrote was very good and you should write more stories and reports!