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Product Review – Nintendo DSi XL

Reviewed by Anni, age 8, Contributing Writer

Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL is really XL! This new gaming device from Nintendo is 93% larger than Nintendo’s DS Lite! It comes in three different colors:  Burgundy, midnight blue, and bronze. It’s a big step up from the regular DSi.

When you turn the DSi XL’s power on, you see the main menu. You have 13 boxes: The system settings, the game card ( you need a DS game for this to be used), the web browser, the camera, the sound (you can record your voice and warp it or insert a SD card and play along with your music), Flipnote studio, Brain Age Express Math , Brain Age Express Arts and Letters, PictoChat, the DSi Shop, DS Download Play, a video about your DSi and the internet, Photo Clock, and a bunch of empty boxes for your DSi shop downloads. I like everything, but I’ll explain 3 of my favorites.

You can take pictures with the DSi XL, morph them in 10 different ways, or just take normal pictures. When you take the picture, it goes into your album. You can also make a slideshow and upload your photos to Facebook (if you‘re 13 or older)! Like the Sound, you can also insert an SD card and take photos on there. You get extra space too! I think my favorite way to take a picture is to do” Distortion”. Here is an example:

I also like the Web browser. First, you must connect your  DSi XL to the Internet. Then, you can check your email, check out Nintendo’s website, check out Amazing Kids!, and much more! You can choose Google or Yahoo as your search engine. It’s lots of fun!

One of my last (but definitely not least) favorites is the Brain Age Express Math and Arts and Letters! You can train your brain with Training, Themes (you can draw, take photos and record your voice based on different themes), and check your Brain Age! The Themes in Arts and Letters are different than the Math themes, so you have a selection.

I had a lot of fun with the Nintendo DSi XL. I recommend it for ages 5 and up. I hope you get to enjoy it, too!

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