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The Crying Eye Ruby (Part 3 of 3)

By Ryan Traynor, age 11, California

Editor’s Note:  Due to the length of this story, it was split up into 3 parts for publication.  To read the other two sections, see the links below.

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Gordon (no longer known as detective any more) awoke from a horrible nightmare. He dreamt that the ruby was still in the crown and they had pretended it was stolen.  It didn’t matter anymore.  Each dream was different, and yet, the same. He had to get away from here, from the memories.  He picked up the phone and booked a flight to the United States.  He wanted to see the Statue of Liberty where Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is written in stone.

A few days later he awoke in a hotel room in New York City.  He blinked his eyes many times, trying to remember where he was.  He sat up in bed and remembered that today was the day that he agreed to escort Lady Astor (an old friend from England) to the formal grand opening of the new wing of the  Museum of Modern Art. He had decided to get on with his life and put the nightmares behind him.

In his fanciest tuxedo, with beautiful Lady Astor on his arm, he strolled into the center of the main hall.  The hum of the crowd sounded like the hum of buzzing hornets. The clinks of glasses gave Gordon the start of yet another headache. He excused himself and made his way to the refreshments table.  He was disgusted by the unappetizing rows of American food offered for the guests.

He passed on numerous selections before he accidentally bumped into a woman holding a champagne glass.  The droplets ran like a waterfall down the front of her dress.

He began to stutter, “Excuse me ma..mame, …:”  His voice trailed off as his hand dropped the napkin he held to help her with the mess.  His eyes now were locked upon her necklace, the center of which held a large ruby.  All the years of research had prepared him for this moment, for he recognized the small tear in the corner.  Only a handful of people knew about this flaw, which made the ruby so unique.  But after looking at the pictures day after day, he was positive that it was the one and only Crying Eye ruby.

“My, what a beautiful necklace,” Gordon managed to choke out. “Where did you get that beautiful ruby?” He slowly reached forward to lift the necklace in his hand.

“Honey, you’re needed at the announcer’s table,” Gilroy interrupted as he spun his wife around towards the exit. “I’ll follow you in a moment.”

With that, Gilroy’s face changed to a frown from a smile as he whispered, “I’ve always knew this day would come, Detective Gordon.  I’ve been following your press since I was last in London.  Can we find a room to talk where we are out of earshot of the elite of New York?”

Gordon clasped his arm around Gilroy’s shoulder as if they were old college chums and answered, “Lead the way, old chum.”

They found an empty conference room off to the side of museum and shut the door.  After setting himself down in the conference chair as if he were a sack of potatoes, Gilroy began his story.  Gordon didn’t dare interrupt his speech, sensing that Gilroy was barely holding it together.  At the end, Gilroy let out a long slow sigh and offered his wrists to Gordon for the handcuffs.

“I couldn’t arrest you, even if I wanted to,” Gordon relayed.

“If you WANTED to?” Gilroy asked.

“Yes,” Gordon said. “I’ve done years of research on the ‘who’ of this caper instead of the ’why’ and ‘what’. I had no idea that the ruby in the crown was acquired through illegal means.  I can’t arrest you while on suspension; but I wouldn’t, even if I could.  This ruby needs to go to its rightful owner.  Do you have any proof of this?”

Gilroy remained like a child caught with the cookie jar.  “No,” he muttered. “I was never able to track down the papers because I was afraid to fly out of the country due to the investigation.”

“I’ll help you,” Gordon enthusiastically replied.  “We’ll begin tracking the paper trail tomorrow.”  “By the way, where is the rest of the crown?”

“I have it,” Gilroy admitted.  “I couldn’t sell it without giving myself away and besides, I wanted to find some way to get it back.  They ruby was the only thing I was interested in anyway.”

“Good,” Gordon smiled. “I have a plan.”

For the next two months after the museum opening Gordon and Gilroy worked side by side tracking the ownership papers of the ruby originally made in Africa so many years ago.  Finally they were able to find a warehouse where previous records of the jeweler were kept.  After reviewing countless documents, they found the one validating that the owner was Gilroy’s Great Grandfather’s.

Gordon escorted Gilroy back to England with the remainder of the crown and the ruby.  With papers in hand, he explained the unlawful trade of the ruby that had been placed in the crown.  Using the remainder of the crown as incentive to drop all charges, the Queen finally declared the ruby as Gilroy’s and he was a free man.  Gilroy agreed to let the ruby be shown “on loan” in the crown case at the Tower of London( at least for a little while).

As a reward for clearing the missing crown caper, Gordon was given reward money and offered his old job back at Scotland yard.  However, Gordon had plans of his own.  Along with Gilroy, they were starting their own detective and security agency, in New York. Their first job was to improve the security of the Tower of London museum.