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Global Village – Penpals from India and Pennsylvania

By Ruhee Parelkar, Ahmedabad, India

Hello friends!

I am Ruhee Parelkar from Ahmedabad City in India. I study in Grade 3 at the Zydus School for Excellence, Ahmedabad.

About one and half years ago, I made a pen-pal in the USA through the Amazing Kids! Pen Pal program. I was informed through the mail that my pen-pal’s name would be Madison Roth from Pennsylvania and her postal address would be mailed to me. I was so excited at the thought of having a new friend, especially from a far away country.

Excitedly, I wrote my first letter to her. How thrilled I was when I got her reply after a few weeks! And so began a chain of letters which still continues…Fancy decorated letters, photographs, books, clothes and gifts… yes, we have exchanged all these over the months.

And then one fine day, my dad told me we would be going to the USA for a holiday. I was thrilled at this because that would provide me with an opportunity to meet my pen pal Madison. However, USA as you know is a very big country and we had a very busy itinerary. I wondered if I could ever make it to Madison’s house. I just kept my fingers crossed.

And finally it did happen!

Along with my parent, I visited Madison’s house in Pennsylvania. As we approached her house, I saw her entire family eagerly waiting for us. Madison lives with her parents, her little sister and a little brother. Madison was wearing a dress I had sent to her from India on her birthday.

We hugged each other, laughed, giggled, chatted …and it was simply wonderful!  I showed them my pictures which I had brought from India and we talked about a lot of things…my school, my after-school activities, hobbies and many other things. She too shared this information with us.  It was fun exchanging gifts with all of them.

We saw a video of me performing “Bharatnatyam”, an Indian classical dance and I explained to them what the movements and gestures in the dance meant. I also taught Madison a few steps of the dance!

Madison, who is learning gymnastics, showed us some of her skills and we all appreciated  it so much. We had cake and coffee and then while our parents were interacting, Madison took me around her house and showed me her room and play room.

Then it was time to depart. The meeting lasted only for a short time owing to our busy schedule, although I would have loved to stay there for more. What a wonderful interaction it was! I left with a heavy heart but very fond memories that will remain in my heart forever.


  1. Sangeeta Naik /

    I am very glad that you were able to meet your penpal:)
    Did you like the USA? Send us more of your pictures.
    Hope you are able to visit us again soon.

    Sangeeta atya

  2. Madison,
    This is so special to have a friend all the way across the world. I was glad that I was there to share the beautiful letter from Ruhee with you and Mom. Keep us posted in all the news from India. Hope you get to share all your growing up together. Love & Miss you……GEGE

  3. Auntie Janice /

    Wow! What a wonderful experience for the both of you. I am very proud of you both for staying friends for so long especially being so far apart. Always remember friendship is not measured by the closeness of two people, it is measured by what is in both of your hearts. Keep it up and this will always be a friendship that can only grow no matter where you live.
    Love and Kisses,
    Auntie Janice

  4. Aunt Amy /

    Madison, I am so proud of you! What an amazing opportunity to write letters to a friend in a foreign country. It’s even more exciting that you wre able to meet her and share your life and learn about her life! Keep up the writing and you will have a long lasting friendship!

    Love you lots sweetie!
    Aunt Amy

  5. Madison Roth /

    What a wonderful article! Ruhee and I had a great time together and I hope we can meet again, I really miss her! Thank you so much Amazing Kids for connecting us! I really have fun sending letters!
    Madison Roth age:9

    • Kathy Wick /

      Madison, It is wonderful that you got to meet Ruhee and her family. I hope you both keep writing to her and maybe you will be able to meet again. Maybe you will be able to go to India and visit her family some day!

      Aunt Kathy