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A New Life (A Potterverse based fan-fiction.)

By Sehen Gamhewa, Contributing Writer and Comics and More Hub Co-Editor


Chapter 1

Sehen Gamhewa woke with a start. Groggily, he pushed off his quilt and looked around. That was when he heard the alarm bell ringing. Groaning, and muttering something about ‘flying clocks’ he managed to roll off the bed and he promptly fell straight on to the carpeted ground.

Sehen hissed a string of very colorful language that certainly would have made his mum flog him to death. Getting to his feet, his eyes still unfocused, he searched for his feet’s favorite flip-flops.  After finding them under a cupboard, and also getting a bruised, black eye from smashing into a wall, not to mention nearly cutting himself on the edge of his glass trophy storing cabinets, he finally managed to find the alarm clock, and silence it and its annoying screech, and then, he crawled warily into the bathroom.

“Phew!” he sighed. The part of the day he hated the most was definitely finding his way from his dark bedroom and getting into the bathroom.

Sometime later, he made his way down the stairs, softly, and quietly, into the living room. Sehen looked around the room, searching for his favorite couch, the “Ice-Titan.” He pounced onto it, savoring its fluffiness.

Now, all he had to was wait till his mum came down. But then he remembered, today was April first, today was April Fools! Today…today was…his birthday!

It was the perfect setup. He could prank anyone, and no one, no one could do anything because it was his birthday! Sehen smiled. He always smiled when he remembered April Fool’s day. To be honest, he really didn’t know what he liked better. The ability to prank anyone and get away with it, or the gifts….

“Hey, Sweetie!” a voice shouted out. Sehen guessed it was his mum.  “Happy Birthday!!!”

“Thanks!” he yelled back.

“And close your eyes, because, well, okay, we’re not telling!”

“Come on,” he whined. “I know it’s the gift, do I still have to do it the old way?”

“YES!” she shouted back.

Sehen groaned. How he did hate these surprise sessions, the anticipation was unbearable, and if all of it led to a lame gift, not that his parents would ever get him lame gifts, but still, all hope would flare out. He did hate lame gifts…And not to mention the hundred years that pass when his parents ready the surprise.

Toes wriggling, fingers struggling to open a gap and let him have a teeny, weeny peek, he tried his best to cover his eyes. But, his fingers kept peeling off his face, his resolve weakening with each failed attempt.

Finally, he decided he had enough. Sehen dived headfirst into the couch and started to think hard. How on earth can I close my freaking eyes? How?

But then, his train of thoughts was interrupted by a not-so-far-away-shout that nearly deafened him.


Sighing with relief, he opened his eyes, only to find himself seeing red, literally. All he could see was a dark maroon shade of red.

He blinked stupidly.

Now Sehen was getting nervous, why on earth couldn’t he see his living room as it was?

“Son, um…Why are you, um…transfixed by the sofa?” his dad asked, his voice quaking with laughter.

Sehen realized what had happened, finally, and with a great sigh of relief, he turned around. Now, he could see clearly…He guessed how funny it must have been, bum in the air, arms and legs flailing. He too, like his dad started laughing, and only his mum was disapprovingly glaring at both of them.


But then, he saw the gift. Sehen raised an eyebrow.

“It’s wrapped…Are you serious dad?”

“Yep, and you, get to open it.” His dad smirked.

Growling, and muttering about ‘building anticipation,’ Sehen untied his gift. Holding his breath, he prayed, hoping for the best gift ever.


– To Be Continued –