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Welcome to Amazing Kids!, a web-based children’s non-profit organization offering fun, challenging, and self-motivating educational enrichment for kids and teens worldwide! Our program’s include:

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Founded in 1998, Amazing Kids!’ mission is to help inspire kids to discover their own unique gifts and to use them in positive and productive ways to make a difference in their lives and in the communities in which they live.

Amazing Kids! Founder and President Alyse Rome, a former educator and marketing executive, wanted to provide kids with a positive, uplifting alternative voice to the too-often negative and sensationalistic voice of the mass media and the news. She set out to create a safe and educationally enriching online environment where kids could read the success stories about their peers (the “Amazing Kids! of the Month”), so kids could learn from each other, and be motivated to become achievers in their own lives as well.

And so, the Amazing Kids!’ website,, was born. Over the years, the website has become widely known as a positive and inspiring place where kids’ amazing accomplishments are not only recognized, but celebrated. We’re proud to note that the Amazing Kids! website has become recognized as a place where kids learn the values of respect for others and the importance of working hard to achieve positive and productive goals, including learning how to work well with others to accomplish their goals.

The Amazing Kids! website is used around the world by educators in their classrooms, as well as educational textbooks publishers who publish our content in their textbooks and other media. The award-winning, kid-created Amazing Kids! Online Magazine is one of Amazing Kids!’ many educational programs featured on their website. The online publication is known for featuring quality, creative, thoughtful and often thought-provoking written and artistic work written and edited by kids and teens. As a result, the Amazing Kids! website was recently recognized as one of the Top 24 “Great Web Sites for Kids” for 2010 by the American Library Association (ALA) specifically in the content area of “writing by kids.”

Through the Launch My Dream! initiative, a growing national movement aimed at helping our kids better prepare for their future by starting now, Amazing Kids! is working with others who are concerned for and care deeply about the future of our kids, especially given the current tough economic climate. The initiative works with other non-profits, individuals, schools, businesses, corporations, as well as government partners. We are working with our partners to establish collaborative “Dream Teams” in our communities across the United States. These Dream Teams are helping local kids, one kid or one group of kids, and one community at a time, to create a plan and get access to the resources they’ll need to launch their dreams for their amazing future.

The inspiring Amazing Kids! of the Month stories feature the amazing accomplishments of everyday kids in our communities. You can find 12 years’ of these stories in our Archives.

The literacy-based Amazing Kids! PenPals program gives children the chance to build new friendships while practicing their literacy and communication skills they are learning in the classroom, in a “real-world,” and consequently, quite meaningful way. It is used by both parents and educators both in the U.S. and internationally and has been featured in Parenting Magazine and other publications as a quality resource for finding pen pals for children.

The Amazing Kids! of the Month stories, and the other literacy and creativity-building programs for kids found on the Amazing Kids!’ website are meant to inspire kids and teens to discover and explore their own gifts, and in doing so, we believe our children will have a greater opportunity to one day realize their amazing potential and launch their dreams.

Amazing Kids! ultimately hopes to lift our kids’ sites up to see the amazing possibilities that life has to offer them. Every child deserves to have a bright future. No child’s potential should ever go to waste!

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