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Amazing Kids! Adventure Contest – Create an Adventure Story – FINISHED!

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Fall is the perfect time to reflect on any summer trips and record lasting memories. For our contest, we want you to write a story starting with the line “I opened the book, and out slipped a photograph.” We are looking for creative and fresh stories in which characters embark on adventures that shape their perspectives.

Let your imaginations soar!

This contest is open to kids all around the world in ages 7 – 18. We have split the categories into the following age groups: 7 – 9, 10 – 11, 12 – 14, and 15 – 18. One winner will be selected in each category to win the choice of either a Solitaire Chess game or FootBubbles along with an official certificate verifying their winning entry and publication in the Amazing Kids! Magazine. (Note: For countries outside the United States, the Editors have the right to substitute a gift card in the amount of $20 for the prizes due to mailing restrictions.) Submit all entries by October 1 at midnight PST to be considered! Please look below for rules and regulations – if your entry does not follow our rules, it will not be considered for this contest! Email or if you have any questions about the rules or the contest in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the deadline for submissions?
A. All submissions must be received in the format listed above by October 1 at midnight PST.

Q. What are the age limits?
A. This contest is limited to ages 7 to 18. You must state your CURRENT age, not the age that you wrote the story.

Q. How should I format my entry?
A. Stories should be written in English, with submissions of up to 2,000 words. Stories exceeding this length will not be considered. Submit your entry as a Word document or put it in the body of your email.
Please make sure your story is kid-friendly.
**Stories which contain violence or other inappropriate themes or subject matter for kids will be disqualified.**
Also be sure to include all essential information, including your name, age, address, phone number(s), and email address in the body of the email and at the beginning of your story. Your story should be saved with this naming convention: Last Name, First Name, Age, Story Title. As an example: Feng, Victoria, 12, Example Story
You may include drawings or pictures with your story, but they will NOT be considered during judging.

Q. How do I submit my entry?
A. Email your submission to In the subject line, put Summer Writing Contest – Age Category (put your current age here).
Each email submission will receive a return message verifying that the story was received within two weeks.

Q. What happens if I exceed the word limit?
A. Your essay will not be considered. There is no word minimum. Keep in mind that longer stories are not necessarily better stories.

Q. Can I choose to remain anonymous?
A. No. We must be able to publish both your story and name.

Q. Do I need to attach a cover letter?
A. No, as long as you included the information required at the start of your story.

Q. When will the winners be announced?
A. The winners will be announced on the contest page starting October 1.

Q. If I submit my story to you, am I allowed to publish it somewhere else?
A. Yes. The rights to your story remain with you. You just give us permission to publish your story in our magazine by submitting it to our contest.

Q. Is there just one prize?
A. No. A prize will be distributed to one winner from each age group. Each winner will have a choice to receive either Thinkfun’s Solitaire Chess game or Leo Messi FootBubbles. Winner Certificates will also be provided to the winners, and their stories will be published in an issue of Amazing Kids! Magazine’s Amazing Kids! Adventures column.

Q. What do I win?
A. You will be winning a choice between two fabulous prizes: Thinkfun’s Solitaire Chess game and Leo Messi’s FootBubbles. Thinkfun has created Solitaire Chess, a simple-to-learn game that still challenges your mind. The pieces work like regular chess pieces, but this is a one-person game. The Leo Messi FootBubbles set by Funtastic LTD is a fun way to play with bubbles. For full reviews of these products, visit the Nonfiction, Product Review Column from September 2016.

Thank you to Thinkfun and Funtastic LTD for sponsoring our prizes for this contest. Also a thank you goes out to the Traynor family, who will be sponsoring the mailing costs of the prizes. Without the great support of our sponsors and readers, we could not offer you these fun contests.


  1. When will the next contest start?

  2. Merrick /

    Would like to see the winner of the contest…

  3. jAntoni /

    What are the factors that are expected to consider it the best to win the contest?
    For instance like
    –> language style, –>story with moral, –>interesting flow …

  4. Tracey Miller /

    Is there a fall or winter contest that I could have my students participate in this coming school year?

    • Allison Stein /

      Hi Ms. Miller:

      We are extending the contest deadline for the Amazing Kids! Adventure Contest to October 1. I hope to see your students’ writing soon!

      Allison Stein
      Amazing Kids! Magazine