Amazing Kids! Magazine

Dancing For Martha – Overall Winner, 6-8 Age Group

By Ritaj El Ghissassi, Age 8, New York


Gold Star

It had been such a peaceful week, and Tiffany and her mom, Mrs. Angelo had just driven back from shopping at the mall. When they were close to their street, Tiffany and her mom heard wailing sirens. But as soon as they got to the edge of it, they saw police cars, fire trucks, and an ambulance.

“What’s all this drama about?”  her mother asked. The only response Mrs. Angelo got was being shooed away by a police officer. So, Mrs. Angelo pulled onto the curb. Tiffany and her mom were walking up their street, until an officer glanced at them with an inexpressive smile. Then the cop came closer and closer and said, “The road is closed ma’am.”

“But we live here sir; you can’t ban us out of our own street!” objected Mrs. Angelo.

“Sorry ma’am, but for safety reasons we cannot let anyone in,” added the officer with a firm voice.

Suddenly, one of their neighbors came up to them and gave them a huge hug with tears in her eyes.

“Thank goodness you are okay!” said Mrs. Jackson, with joy covering her words.

“Can somebody tell me what is going on?” asked Mrs. Angelo.

“Well, Mrs. Jackson started, I thought I heard something, so while I was pulling my blinds up, I saw the most terrible sight. There was smoke coming out of your house. So, I called 911 as fast as I could and the emergency squad got here immediately.”

“I am so glad you are safe though,” said Mrs. Jackson.

“My house is on fire! “ Mrs. Angelo cried in tears.

“Where is Martha!?”  she yelled.

“Officer!?” she pleaded, “My dog is still in my house!”

“Ma’am,” said the police officer, “slow down. Who are you missing?” He started to panic.

“My dog, Martha!” said Mrs. Angelo. Then the police officer said something on his walkie talkie.

A few minutes later, the firefighters rushed out the building seconds before it collapsed, with no sign of Martha.

“Mommy, where is Martha?” asked Tiffany. “She is with daddy, watching over us,” responded Mrs. Angelo.

“But Mommy, you promised I could play with Martha at the playground after we get back home,” said Tiffany while sobbing.

Tiffany and her mom cried and cried. But their neighbors tried their best to console them. Tiffany was so sad that she lost all her belongings, especially the day before her big dance recital.  It was a day Tiffany was looking up to impatiently. She was so excited and prepared for it. Mrs. Angelo and her daughter stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Even though Tiffany was with her mom and her grandparents, she felt so lonely without Martha. There was one spot left in Tiffany’s heart that didn’t have love. And like a missing piece of puzzle, Tiffany felt clueless. She just didn’t feel the same.

“Mom, screamed Tiffany, can you pleaaaaaaaaaaaase tuck me in bed!”

“Of course sweetheart!” said Mrs. Angelo. “Mommy, Martha helped me grieve over the loss of daddy, but who will help me grieve over her?” wondered Tiffany.

“Honey,” responded Mrs. Angelo.

“We have each other,” reassured her mom.

Then Tiffany just closed her eyes and tried to sleep. All night Tiffany thought about Martha, she hardly got any sleep! When Tiffany woke up her first words were, “I need Martha!”

Then she remembered what had happened, and her heart was filled of sadness. Even though Tiffany was far away from Martha, she felt like there was a spot in her heart where Martha was hidden, but she had to keep looking and trying to find her. Suddenly the doorbell rang. “Who would come this early in the morning?” asked Tiffany.

“I’ll get it!” Grandma and Grandpa said at the same time, before anyone could answer her question. They both cracked up into laughter. At the exact moment, Mrs. Angelo pulled the door open.

“Hi!” Said her dance teacher with a big grin on her face. “I heard about what had happened, and I’m so sorry about your loss,” she added in a sad voice.

“Come in, come in!” said Mrs. Angelo.

Mrs. Mellissa the dance teacher carried on the conversation. “Well, Jordan moved away and left her costume with me. I thought that Tiffany will really need it.”

Mrs. Angelo was so grateful and touched with Mrs. Mellissa’s action.

As soon as Mrs. Angelo showed the costume to Tiffany, she quickly went upstairs and put it on. “You look gorgeous!” said everybody at the same time. “Thank you,” said Tiffany in a very polite voice. “Well!”  Grandma said, “We have a show to go to!”

Tiffany shrugged and said in a very low voice, “I cannot dance, I cannot be happy while Martha is gone.”

“But, Honey, Martha would want you to be happy. She loved seeing you dance and practice for your show. She will be disappointed if you don’t go,” said her grandpa.

Tiffany loved her grandpa so much, and she trusted everything he told her.

At the recital, Tiffany danced a duet with her best friend, Brittany.

But Tiffany did not dance for the audience; she danced for her dog, Martha. And she knew nobody could replace her, no matter what, but the love of her family and friends would help her get through all the hard times in life.