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A Day at Beautiful Burney Falls

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Column Editor


Burney Falls is a very beautiful place. It has 910 acres of acres of forest and 5 miles of streamline and shore. The waterfall is the most outstanding thing there. The waterfall is 129 feet tall. It is not the largest waterfall in the world, but its beauty makes up for it.

The roar of the falls is massive. It is caused by the 100 million gallons of water that flow down. But still, just a mile upstream, the area is dry for the summer. The water speeding down is actually first underground. It seeps through the fractures in the top layer and collects up there. It flows through towards the falls. About ¾ of a mile up it ends. It is forced to collide into rock and is pushed up to the surface. It rushes down to the giant pool of water below.

I went there with my family and oh boy! The view was mesmerizing. The giant waterfall, the crystal clear water is a sight everyone must see!

I also hiked a 2.5 mile trail through the forest, which included a paved pathway and small bridges, including a flowing stream down. It was beautiful.

From at least 15 feet away we could hear the roar but at 10 feet you could feel the mist – nice and cool. And surprisingly, people actually swim there!

Burney Falls at an elevation

Burney Falls at a little above ground level.

Burney Falls at a little above ground level.

Tip: Always finish a Ranger program when you visit State Parks to earn badges and get to know more about history and geography of the area.