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A Day with Innocent People

By Syeda Azwa Asif, age 10, Karachi, Pakistan


Never get disappointed by failures in life! If you stick to your goals, anything is possible.

Saturday March 13, 2016 was a day in my life when I realized things we are blessed with. I also understood that the purpose of life is to spend some time with the people who need our help. I recognized this when I visited the Dar-Ul-Sukun, a Home of Peace and Love Centre for special needs people in Karachi, Pakistan. I reached Dar-Ul-Sukun at 10 am, the scheduled arrival time that was a play time for special needs children. As I entered the garden, I found special needs people busy with their routine activities. When they saw me, they all gathered around me. I will never forget their loving and innocent attitude. There were various types of special needs people.

Suddenly I saw a girl around my own age whose name was Aneela. I felt like talking with her and befriending her. When I approached her she welcomed me. She was very polite. Soon we became friends. As we started chatting I felt like we had met before. We played in the garden and walked together. She told me that she is a singer, so I asked her to sing a song. I was really surprised to hear her heart-touching voice. She further told me that she wanted to become a singer and to achieve her goal she focuses and concentrates on daily singing practice. I was so happy to spend time with her.

I was really impressed by Aleena because she was being so persistent in achieving her goal to become a great singer in the future despite having a sight problem. I have been fortunate enough to be born without a disability so why do I still get disappointed with my failures? I have learned that we should give thanks for our blessings and appreciate the challenges people with disabilities deal with every day.

I also met some other special needs people. At the end I saw Aneela for one last time before leaving and said goodbye to her. I really enjoyed my visit a lot!

I want to remind everyone to take some time out to visit people with special needs. They are an important part of our society and we can learn some valuable lessons from them.


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