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A Fun Visit to Build-A-Bear

By Anni R., age 9


I’m always looking for fun activities I can do with my friends.  One of my favorite places to visit at our local mall is Build-A-Bear.  Like its name says, Build-A-Bear is a place where you can build your own plush bear or other animal.  I have been to several different Build-A-Bears and every one of them has had really nice people working there.  They make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

I recently visited the Alderwood Mall Build-A-Bear in Lynnwood, Washington.  I went with two of my friends who are twins and it was their birthday, which made it an even more special day.

Here’s how a typical visit works:

First, you choose a bear or other animal. I chose a new bear called “Champ-a-Champion.” When you buy a Champ-a-Champion, Build-A-Bear actually donates $1 to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation, which gives money to causes supporting children, like diabetes and cancer research.

After you chose your animal, you get to go to a special machine and stuff your bear with white fluffy stuffing!

Next, you pick a heart to put in your bear and go through a special ceremony with your bear’s heart, put it in, and sew up the bear.

After that, you give your bear a ‘bath’…

… and figure out if you would like to buy an outfit for your bear (it costs extra).

Finally, you can register your bear online so it can’t get lost and print out a birth certificate, which gives you a code to play online on Build-A-Bear’s virtual world, Build-A-Bearville (!

The final result – your very own Build-A-Bear plush animal!  As you can see, my friends and I had a great time.  We love our new Build-A-Bear animals!

Build-A-Bear is always coming out with new plush animals and new clothes and accessories for your animal, so there is always something new and exciting, even if you’ve been to Build-A-Bear in the past.  For example, they just came out with some new Angry Bird plush toys and new Smurf toys this summer.

I recommend a Build-A-Bear Workshop experience for all ages and for people who love to have fun!

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  1. do a close up of the birth certificate