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An Amazing Day

By Cameron Ross, Age 10, Delaware


Have you every met a person that met three NFL players in one day? Well, now you have….me…Cameron Ross.

I love the game of football and grew up around my two older brothers watching them play.  Last April, my mom took me and my friend Daniel to a free football camp for kids held at the University of Maryland (“UMD”) in College Park. The camp was run by a former UMD football player, Madieu Williams, currently playing for the NFL Minnesota Vikings. When we arrived, they had just started the camp and formed groups, so I quickly signed in and joined one of the groups. The camp was really fun! We did catching drills, tackling drills, and a one-on-one drill where you had to juke (fake out and run past) the other person as they tried to stop you.  At the end of camp, I got to meet Madieu Williams in person.  It was so exciting to meet an NFL player!

Later that day, Daniel and I watched the UMD football team practice and the offense was running plays against the defense. Before the scrimmage started, I saw a football player walking around and people coming up to him. My mom said, “Cameron, that’s Torrey Smith”.  Torrey Smith is a rookie wide receiver that now plays in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens and he played the same position for the Maryland Terrapins. He graduated from Maryland in December of 2011.

Once we saw him, Daniel and I dashed over to him to say hi. I congratulated him on being drafted by the Ravens and wished him good luck with his NFL career. You don’t know how fascinating it was to meet another NFL player that same day! Incidentally, my oldest brother Brandon played varsity football for the Charter School of Wilmington, graduated from Cab Calloway last year, and now attends UMD on a football scholarship.

When I finished talking and taking pictures with Torrey Smith, I went back to my seat and started watching the team practice. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw another NFL player!  It was Darrius Heyward-Bey, who plays wide receiver for the NFL Oakland Raiders and also played his college football at Maryland. I had to get a picture, so Daniel and I started running over to him.  When I met him, I nearly fainted because he was the third NFL player I met in one day. It was a good day…in fact, it was an amazing day!

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    Great Job Cameron!!!