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Chicago – My Memorable Trip!

By Akshaj Mehta, age 10, Sacramento, CA


This year I had a very enjoyable and interesting trip to Chicago. I saw a lot of interesting and odd shapes of towers. I was bewildered to see the downtown sunset because the sunset was so beautiful, and yet looked so different than in California even though it is the same sun.

Chicago looked breathtakingly beautiful at sunset.

What I enjoyed most was visiting the Willis Tower which is one of the highest towers in the world. We went to the 103rd floor of Willis tower which, surprisingly, was almost a mile long.

Chicago view from Willis Tower

The next morning, although we were a little tired we went for a drive around Lake Michigan. Later we took an architectural and historical tour in a boat on the lake. The sun glinted off the water and we had a perfect view.

View of Downtown from Lake Michigan

The same day after lunch we walked to downtown to see THE BEAN! As we walked we saw a lot of odd sculptures and tall buildings.

As we reached there we stopped dead in our tracks. The beauty was incomparable. IT WAS A GIANT SILVER BEAN!

It looked breathtaking. It looked so weird on the underside. The fact is The Bean was created by an Indian British person.

Finally, we went to the famous Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The main attraction was robots! I’m not talking like a robotic hand, but real working robots! There were robots playing cards and playing tic tac toe! The robot who played tic tac toe was named Baxter. He was my favorite. My mom and I both lost to Baxter. The robot that looked like an octopus played cards. I won against him.

Overall, my trip was a breathtaking one. Thanks for reading!


  1. Preeti /

    Awesome article Akshaj! Loved the pictures as well.

  2. Ashwani Mehta /

    It is awesome Akshaj. Keep the same trend to achieve more and more. God bless you