Amazing Kids! Magazine

Dreams of London (Part One)

By Cathy Yan, Amazing Kids! Adventures Columnist


Day One:

After an exhausting eight hours cramped in the economy class of an airplane, I finally got to stretch my legs in the Heathrow Airport. Though I got basically no sleep last night, the excitement is enough to keep me awake while I wait for my bags to arrive on the carousel. One thought is running repeatedly through my mind and it is: I’m FINALLY here in LONDON!!

Thirty minutes later:

The adrenaline has already worn off. I’m thirsty beyond belief (they don’t have water fountains here for some reason) and my bags have yet to arrive. I can barely open my eyes long enough to complain about my thirst and the long wait.

Ten minutes later:

Turns out my dad had been waiting at the wrong carousel. Our poor bags had been going ‘round and ‘round in another area, just waiting for us to pick them up. However, once we realized the mistake, we located our bags quickly and headed to the convenience store for two gigantic bottles of water and some gum (you don’t brush your teeth on airplanes). After purchasing our necessities, we headed off towards the trains.

The train station was the stereotypical London scene, with bustling hordes of people and a monotonous voice coming on every few seconds saying, “Please mind the gap.” It was a lot to take in when you’re operating on zero sleep. Thankfully, because my hotel was twenty stops away, I was able to take a nap on the train. Unfortunately, I woke up with inevitable neck cramps.

Forty minute later:

Wow, wow, WOW! My hotel is huge, with two bedrooms (one for my mom and me to share and one for my dad), a kitchen, and two bathrooms. It is the epitome of luxury. Also, it was located right downtown by the subway station, the supermarket, and a wide variety of shopping centers and restaurants. In short, it was perfect.

The view from my hotel.

The view from my hotel.

For dinner, since no one felt like cooking, we headed down to a nearby Italian place called The Spaghetti House. It was a lovely diner with an old timey feel. In fact, the whole of London was like that. There were modern skyscrapers, of course, but the whole thing was shrouded with history and timeless beauty.

When our food arrived, it was a nice break from monotonous airline food. My family had ordered salmon risotto, spinach ravioli, and a mixed salad. It was all very delicious and we scarfed it all down in half an hour.

Though it was only a bit past six when we finished our food, we were all exhausted and headed back to the hotel. The time difference was acute and very obvious when none of us were able to sleep even when hampered by exhaustion. However, I forced myself to get at least a few hours of rest because tomorrow, I will need all the energy I’ve got since I’m touring the museum district.

To be continued….