Amazing Kids! Magazine

Finding a Vacation That’s Right for Your Family

By Stella Prince, age 14


When life slows down, a vacation seems like a wonderful idea. It brings the whole family together, and can even turn out to be a cultural experience. But choosing a place to go can be difficult– should the family spend a week at a resort in Florida? It’s not exactly Paris, for there’s no real cultural experience, but it is a relaxing and easy trip. Or should the family take a ten-hour plane ride to Europe? It’s pretty exciting to go to France, or Spain, or Italy for ten days, but a European vacation isn’t really a vacation. The whole family has to slave away all day and walk in heavy crowds, always feeling the stress of having to see every single sight that the country is famous for. The family could just stay home, and spend lots of money on fun treats, movies, and backyard adventures– a staycation. So a relaxing trip, a cultural adventure, or a staycation. Which one is best?

A relaxing trip– when one hears that phrase, they might picture sun tanning on the beaches of Aruba, snorkeling in Mexico, or skiing in the mountains of Utah. They all sound magical– but it could get tiring after a while. Ten days of absolutely nothing to do– wouldn’t one get a little bored? I actually think I might. I don’t like snorkeling, or skiing, and swimming is just okay. What else is there to do then, if those are the only activity options? That’s the risk of taking a relaxing vacation. But, if you’re a person that doesn’t get bored quickly, a relaxing trip is the trip for you.

Another type of trip that comes to mind is the adventurous kind– perhaps a week in Asia, Europe, or Africa would be a fine getaway. Just picture the family taking photos in front of the Eifel Tower, the Coliseum, or the Spanish Steps. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? One could stay in an adorable little hotel tucked away in a small piazza in Rome, overlooking the entire city, with gelato, pizza, and bruschetta just waiting to be eaten up. Yes, that does sound great– but just picture the plane ride. Ten hours in the same seat– ten hours will feel like ten years. And the crowds– picture just how many people have the same idea as your family– to voyage to Europe for the summer. The crowds will make it seem like one is stuck in hot, sticky honey, and can never escape. It’s not pretty. But if you want culture and an exciting and new experience, traveling out of country just may be the right trip for you.

Or, one could make it easy for everyone. Stay home– who needs to travel anyway? The family could spend long, relaxing days barbecuing, going to local water parks or movie theaters, and hanging out with friends. What’s not to love about a staycation? I would do it in a second. If the family has pets at home, one doesn’t even need to spend the money on a dog walker. By taking day trips and visiting local attractions, one could have a fine time being a tourist in their own town.

So overall, there are quite a few options to choose from. I can’t exactly vote on which one is the best, but I will say that all of them have lots of pros and cons. Every family has their own personal favorite trip to take– whether they love all three, or just travel to one place every year, it doesn’t matter as long as everyone is having fun.