Amazing Kids! Magazine

Making Every Day an Adventure

By Avani Anil Kumar, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor


According to Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Our lives are almost monotonous. We live the same day, over and over again, finding nothing new. We wake up to the same sound waves of the irritating alarm clock at the same hour of the day, eat the same breakfast (probably PB&J), take the same mandatory shower (probably using the same brand of soap and shampoo for almost decades), take the same route to work or school, going through the same boring conversations, coming back home at the same time each evening, curling up on the sofa watching the same TV shows (probably Netflix and chill), the same commercials, the same familiar faces until we fall back to sleep, only to wake up and greet a new same-routine day.

It’s the same, dull life, devoid of all colors, scents and sweetness; the same dull, boring routine that eventually affects our capability to find something new.

Our life has so much to offer. There are hidden treasures in every step we take. But, in our busy rush to make money or get through school, we forget the momentary happiness and the real meaning of life – to live.

Have you ever taken a walk? A walk, without  planning the route, without a proper idea of your destination? Try it. Just walk, let your legs take you wherever they want to go. Just go round and round, finding new shops, parks, places. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the feel of being alive.

Are you outgoing? Do you interact with strangers? Meet and make new friends. Talk to the person sitting next to you in the subway train; it could be something about the weather, or the latest happenings. Smile at strangers, instead of showing them the grumpy faces. Your smile could make someone’s day, you’ll never know.

Have you ever gone on a holiday, that wasn’t pre-planned? Book tickets to an exotic country on an impulse. Visit Italy, even if you have no clue about Italian language. Trek the forests of Texas, scale the hills, yell from atop the Grand Canyon, dive into the deepest seas.

Make your daily life more like an adventure. Try out foreign recipes at home, learn to tap dance or to sing an Arabic song, try a different brand of soap after each full use, try a hand at whittling, knitting, embroidering or even better, surfing or snowboarding. There are so many things new, so many new adventures that you can do: even calling in all your friends and organizing a wild pillow fight counts as an adventure.

An adventure does not only mean dirt bike races or formula ones. Everything and anything that fills you with a sense of exhilaration and satisfaction is an adventure. Skipping Peanut Butter & Jam for payasam, an Indian dessert, is also an adventure, trust me.

To sum it up, this Anonymous quote is just the thing: “An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains, swimming with sharks or jumping off cliffs. It means risking yourself by leaving a little piece of you behind in all those you meet along the way.”