Amazing Kids! Magazine

Marvelous Memories

By Haylee Madison, age 9, Brighton, Colorado


Recently I had one of the best nights of my life because I got to sleep on The Queen Mary and, except for the fact that my sister says that she saw a ghost, it was pretty awesome.  The night after that, I went on a cruise.  It was called Carnival Inspiration Cruise Line, and was about one week long.

When I got to the room I was sleeping in, I changed into my swimsuit right away right away because there was a pool.  At the pool there were two slides.  One slide was a tube and the other slide was a racing slide.  The tube slide was a slide swirled around.  It was really fun.  The racing slide was a slide that was split into two parts so you could race against people.  That slide was even more fun.

Inside of the cruise, there was an elevator.  It was gold and see-through.  We shipped off of Long Beach and went to two places.  First, we went to Catalina Island, California, which was very pretty.  We got a lot of souvenirs and we even got to take home some seashells.  Then, we went to Ensenada, Mexico.  It was pretty there too.  To get in, we needed a passport.  There we got souvenirs, also.

We left Ensenada, Mexico and spent Thanksgiving on the cruise.  There was a buffet and everything.  On the cruise every day, actually, there was a buffet and room service.  Every day I ordered hot chocolate and whipped cream.

When we got home, I looked at all of the souvenirs that I got, not only from the cruise but also but also from the places that I went to.  I had fun and I hope to go on another one of those fun cruises again.