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Moab: A Trip I Will Never Forget

By Ella Waterman, age 10, Brighton, CO


Dust blows in my face. The fierce engine of the ATV roars louder than a lion. I sit on the back of my dad’s ATV, wondering what the day will bring. Right now, we are driving on a clear road with no bumps. The rocks are cleared away, making it easy for a car to pass. Little bushes and trees surround me on the sides of the road. Where am I? Moab, Utah.

As we continue down the road, we stop at a flat spot at the entrance to a deep canyon. My dad drives into it and suddenly I feel nauseous. In front of me is a narrow road dropping into the canyon. On one side of the road there is a huge rock that almost looks like a shelf. On the other side there is a steep drop off about 600 feet above the canyon floor.

When I heard the name Spring Canyon Shelf Road, I was not expecting this. All the ATVs slowly start down the shelf road. My dad and I are in the lead. I clutch the handlebars of the back seat so tightly my knuckles turn white. I look back at the ATVs following us. They are all going slowly. The butterflies in my stomach are apparently trying to hold the record for fastest insects on the planet. Below me I can see the road we will be driving on when we get to the bottom. The trees are just beginning to grow little green leaves. The flowers are blooming, showing beautiful colors. Next to all of the plant life, is a tiny creek with an equally small waterfall. I want to get off the shelf road and into the paradise awaiting in the canyon so badly. I close my eyes and wait.

Finally, I hear the engines stop. I open my eyes and notice that we are at the bottom. A wide grin spreads across my face. We did it! The road to Hey Joe Mine lies ahead and promises to be full of beautiful river scenes. And this is only the first day!

On the second day, we are driving through many trees. Lots of rocks are stopping us while we try to get across them. Suddenly, we drive out onto a plain. There is a huge rock that looks like a whale. Or is it a submarine? No, definitely a whale. Anyway, we keep on driving. Bump! Bump! Bump! I am practically thrown out of my seat. We are crossing another rocky part.

We come out of the rocky part and I settle back in my seat. We come to a circle where we can park our ATVs. We all park and then stare in awe. A large brownish reddish arch looms before us. All the kids rush from anxiety to climb it, including me. Rocks tumble down as kids try to race to the top. Then my friend Jack finds a shortcut. I secretly follow him. He doesn’t know that I am behind him. When I catch up, I yell “Boo!” He turns toward where I yelled and I race in front of him, only to find my mom already there. I guess 2nd place is good enough though, right?

On the last day, we do a 3-mile hike to Delicate Arch. One and a half miles there, one and a half miles back. When we get to Delicate Arch, I run to get there, but then I remember; Delicate Arch is very dangerous. On the backside of it there is a huge drop off. I grab my mom’s hand and, very slowly, we sit down to take a picture. Then we cautiously walk back. My legs are shaking. That was a long and scary hike!

After the hike, we explore the town of Moab. My friend Sammy and I count all the pictures of the world-famous Delicate Arch we can find in Moab. We count 211! We have a tasty dinner and home-made ice cream at the Moab Brewery and then it’s time to go home.

This was an adventure I will never forget; especially since most of it was fun, and challenging!

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  1. Sammy Aitken /

    Ella! What an amazing and inspiring story! Yep, 211, just what we counted. I miss you so much and it was great to hear your story!