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My Experience in Ocean Grove, NJ

By Stella Prince, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor


For my 13th birthday my family took me to Ocean Grove, New Jersey, for the day, and it was pretty amazing. We had made frequent trips to the small town every year since I was little but stopped going two years ago, for getting there often was a lot of work.

On the day of my birthday, we got up early and drove to the Jersey shore. Although the drive is very long, it is totally worth it, for the town itself is exceptionally charming and beautiful. From where we live in New York’s Hudson Valley, it takes a little over two hours to get there. We left at 10:00 and arrived by 12:15, when we enjoyed a meal at “The Starving Artist” café, a couple blocks away from the beach. Although the location is nice, I wasn’t that impressed with the food overall. But the dessert was amazing! We ordered a big piece of lemon cake, and it was so good! They even put a candle in it and sang happy birthday, so that part was great.

After lunch, we went next door to “Day’s Ice Cream Shop” and cooled down with a raspberry chocolate malted. After that, my family and I quickly made our way to the beach and had a fantastic time swimming and breathing in the salty ocean air. Although the water was freezing, it was still swimmable because the weather was incredibly hot and humid. We stayed for a little under two hours, and that was plenty of time to relax and enjoy the New Jersey seaside.

But the highlight of the day was ordering a big vanilla-chocolate, soft-serve waffle cone from Day’s after the disappointment of the malted. I have to say, this was some of the best soft-serve I had ever had! It was very flavorful, the texture was perfect, it actually didn’t melt too much, and the waffle cone was delicious and crunchy.

Before going to our car, we took a nice walk around the town. It really is a cute little place—tons of restaurants line the sidewalks, and shops and ice cream places are on every block. I recommend going on a weekday rather than a Saturday or Sunday, for it gets VERY crowded then. We went on a Wednesday, and it was perfect.

For dinner we stopped in Bradley Beach, New Jersey (the next town over), and ate at a cute, little sushi café called “Osaka.” The food was very good, and it was in a nice location, very convenient. After we finished our meal, my parents surprised me by taking me to an adorable bakery a few doors down. They have everything you could possibly want, from fresh cannoli to chocolate mousse to gelato! I was impressed and enjoyed my every bite.

So, really, Ocean Grove and that whole area are fantastic to spend a day at. Whether it’s for a week or a couple hours, it will do you some good to laze about in the sun and get away from your normal workday.

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  1. Stella: I am ready to drive to Ocean Grove, for the beach and for the food. You are a fine writer. You do not write like a kid; you write like a talented grown-up.
    Will you be writing about your trip to Italy? I hope so!