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My Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Joan Ezeagbor, age 15, California


Everybody loves the holidays and the school breaks because we get to rest and have fun with our family and friends .Well, my favorite holiday is Halloween because it stands out in every way. The spirit of Halloween from dressing up in costumes concurred with the numerous, superfluous amount of candy received just by saying the words “trick or treat” , the creatively carved pumpkins, and the spooky items make Halloween a favorable day in my opinion.

One of my greatest memories of Halloween was on October 30, 2008. I was actually absent from school that day due to the fact that I felt lethargic. My face was pale and my eyes had a dull rhythm as though I hadn’t slept in days, my body temperature was astonishingly high and my lips were dry and chapped. I ran a fever the rest of the night as I shivered under my covers. Indeed it was not a good feeling at all. The next day, dramatically, I felt way better; the fever was reducing and my body temperature was almost back to normal. Maybe it was the warm smile of the sun that day or maybe it was the medication that was doing its work or maybe it was a miracle or maybe I was just excited to wear my long wished costume that my immune system came to the conclusion that it had to fight back and it had to do so quickly. Long story cut short, it was one of the best feelings I have ever had. The phenomenon of being really sick one day to dressing up as a bunny the next day in a costume party was a mind-blowing and bewildering miracle as though there is a healing spirit that concurs with Halloween.

Next, Halloween is my favorite holiday because Halloween comes before a lot of holidays which means school will be off soon. For example, a couple of days after Halloween we have Veterans Day where we Americans get to give respect to those who deserve it. A day set aside to honor those who put their lives to see to the freedom of their country and its people. Freedom is really not free because the veterans paid their lives as a price. I remember about two years ago on the night of Halloween I went trick or treating with my friends. We were having fun as we walked about the street, counting how much candies we got, telling jokes and talking about our costumes as we chuckled and giggled all the way. It was a peaceful and joyful night with many candies until I heard Hannah sobbing gently. I thought she was fooling around so I looked her in the face and indeed she was crying. Her face was bright red and swollen with her eyes bloodshot; in addition, she started crying really hard and she lamented between each sob “it’s….okay…am fine.” Hannah’s reason for crying was very odd and puzzling at first because we were having a good time with our group of friends. Afterwards, she explained to me that the park we walked through reminded her of her father because they used to go there together as a family but he was gone. Her dad died while he was in the military. She waited and waited for her father to come back but he never did. News arrived later that her beloved dad was dead. Hannah’s father died a legend like many others because he laid down his life for our freedom. He gave up his family to fight for our lives, our safety and our freedom. Therefore, I am always happy during Halloween not only for the candies available or the cool costumes I get to wear and see; however, I am pleased because I know I am eleven days away from celebrating other great heroes like Hannah’s dad.

Another reason why Halloween is a special and dear day to me is because less than a month after Halloween comes Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is honestly not all about the food or the merry; all that really matters is the quality family time we obtain. The sounds of cups and plates clattering as dinner is being served, feet stomping around and talking filling the room as we reunite as a family, adults talking to adults, kids playing  around and us teenagers being typical teenagers. And sometimes our grandparents tell creepy stories or the stories that make us giggle all night long.  The sounds of little kids running around the house chuckling while playing hide and seek, the older kids baby-sitting  the younger ones and the warm sense of belonging hangs in the atmosphere.  I really appreciate this because in less than a month after getting a lot of candies and treats; I get to spend quality time and dine with the people that actually matter, my family.

In conclusion, Halloween is my favorite holiday because I get to be whatever I want to be by just wearing a costume. In addition, I receive candies on Halloween just by saying the word “trick or treat!” I also appreciate Halloween because I know eleven days from Halloween I get to honor those who gave up their lives to fight for their country, the veterans. Most importantly I know in less than a month after Halloween I get to see my family members who live far away and reunite with them, also known as Thanksgiving. What is your favorite holiday? Is it Halloween because of the candies we receive, is it Thanksgiving because we receive family time, or is it Christmas because we exchange gifts with love? Talk to a friend about your favorite holiday and share some of your greatest memories.