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My Holiday Diary

By Shubham Gupta, age 7, Nebraska


Holidays are very fun. We all wait for our holidays eagerly. Weeks before the vacation we start planning for the same. Let me share one of my best holiday experiences with you.

We planned for a holiday trip to Florida. Yes, you are right. Florida – the best destination; the city of super fun. It was a road trip from Nebraska and I had been very excited. Since the day my family started planning for the trip, I dreamt about the places we would visit and what we would do there. I had my own to-do list for the vacation. On the last day of school before holidays, my friends and I were busy sharing our plans for the break. Everyone had different places in their minds. It was my Christmas vacation and I was so excited to find out my Christmas surprise. It started snowing in the morning and we were expected to start traveling by the early evening. I packed my warmest clothes and boots, though my mother insisted that I might not need them, but I wanted to be sure that I had everything I might need.

We started for our trip in the evening, settled our luggage in the car and took our seats. My dad was driving the car, with me and my younger brother, all set for the fun, right in tow. On our way, our lovely friend Mr. GPS kept informing us about the various states that we were passing through. We watched movies, played games, ate and slept but we never seemed to reach our destination – our destination was too far. It was becoming tiring, only our little windows were keeping us engaged with different views. We saw various birds and animals, waterfalls, windmills, solar panels, farms etc. on our way.

We reached Atlanta and visited the downtown area, CNN center, botanical gardens etc. Atlanta was a big city with tall buildings. I was amazed, it was so pleasant there.

The trip continued and we reached Orlando. Yes guys, Orlando.  I could now sense my Christmas surprise. Oh, I cannot wait anymore. We went to Disney World. Yippee! I loved it. Disney World is now my favorite place. I practically love Mickey Mouse. Yeah, I know you love him too. Aww! He is so adorable. You know, I met him in person and captured a picture with him. I saw his house too. Amazing, isn’t it?

We saw many performances, dances, plays, stunts etc. Hey, and I met Elsa and Anna too. Did you watch Frozen? I liked the movie. Wait! That was not all, the cherry on the cake happened to be the fireworks. I must say it was the best part of the day. The entire sky was lit up with so many fireworks. The sky was all covered with beautiful colors, shapes and patterns. Everyone was staring with awe and admiring the scene. It was awesome. Fireworks burst for a long time and then we gathered near Mickey’s house for the parade. I met all my favorite Disney characters in it. It was WOW!  It was definitely a special Christmas for me. I thanked my parents and told them, “This is best day of my vacation”.

The next day we went to Sea World. That too was great, there were so many animals and a few of them were new to me. I had never seen them till then. I saw various mammals, reptiles, desert animals, aquariums etc. I saw sharks somersaulting, sea lions playing soccer, elephants dancing and it was so much fun. There were penguins too. Well, no one could stand there for long as it was quite cold. There was a ride which took us to the penguins and it was sort of like space travel. I felt as if I was in another world or that I was dreaming.

The complete list of all that we did leads to infinity and I have forgotten most of I. But whenever I think of all the fun I had, I have a huge, goofy smile on my face.

“Hey, come back don’t get lost in Orlando dreams. We need to reach Florida, remember?”

We were back in the car and driving straight to Florida. Initially, I was not comfortable, but I know I loved the road trip. My dear window enabled me to enjoy various views during the drive. We were stopping in rest areas in between and I realized that when we had started from home, it was cold. When we started, I had been in my warmest coat and boots but now I was in my shorts and t-shirt. It was getting hotter. I felt that the summers were approaching.

No time for these thoughts when there are so any things surrounding the trip!

I saw such a clean beach on our way. I wanted to soak myself in it. Oh! I love beaches. I made sand castles and you must know I’m very good at making sand castles. Unfortunately, it was evening and getting darker.  I had to keep myself away from my lovely beach. The very next day, I was all set for going to the beach early in the morning. Mom applied sun protection, dad took various drinks to keep ourselves hydrated and my brother and I took our sand bucket, shovel and appetite for fun.

We reached Miami Beach, which mesmerized me with its clear waters. It was the last day of the year…yeah, New Year Eve. We had good family time on the beach, although I couldn’t forget my own fabulous sand castle. Evening was glamorous, with everyone looking charming and pretty. My mom dressed me handsomely. When the clock was about to strike 12, everyone was shouting and excited. Amazing fireworks lit the sky again for a really long time. Lovely! Awesome!

Everyone welcomed in the New Year. On the way back the roads were jammed, dad was facing difficult driving, but my brother and I loved the view.

The vacation was officially over, and we started back home. I wanted the trip to go on and on but I had to come back. On our way back, my brother and I thought about all the wonderful moments of the trip, recalling all the joyous moments.

We reached home, mom opened the door, and suddenly I felt complete. I had missed my sweet home. I rushed inside and reached my room. I glanced at every corner of my room, drinking in all the familiarity. That feeling is difficult to express in words.

The first day of school after vacation, we shared our trip experiences with our friends. Mine was definitely the best.

No doubt, holidays are fun!


  1. Poonam gupta /

    Wou its great beta u wrote it but when i reading this i feel i am with u and enjoy each and every place with u i like very much that u took your warmers with u but when shikha refuse ..but u know that it must be useful for u ….i am waiting for your next experience. love u

  2. ashima /

    Very impressive !!