Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Style Evolution

By Cathy Yan, Amazing Kids! Adventures Editor


Two or three years ago, I was incredibly envious of the ‘cool’ girls in my class. They effortlessly pulled off the chicest clothes, fresh off the rack of grown up stores while I was still shopping at Children’s Place. In fact, I was so ashamed of the clothes I was wearing, I simply stopped trying to measure up and embraced hoodies and jeans day in, day out.

This went on for quite a while, lowering my self esteem and making me burn with hatred whenever I see a girl who dressed better than me (which was usually all of them.) The truth was, I was simply afraid to change. Hoodies hid my body, and washed out my personality. They were safe.

I read teen magazines, of course; fancy pages telling me what to wear and how to wear it. I actually did have a lot of the pieces the outfits called for, so it was not costly or impossible for me to head over to the wilder side and go for a spin. Again, fear was holding me back. How would my classmates react? What if they mock me because all they have ever known was the lacklustre girl in the drab clothes?

These doubts, however, did not stop me from envisioning how I could transform into the person I dreamed of being when the day came. Luckily, only a year passed before I was sent a sign: there was a massive sale at Forever 21 (a very trendy store), and I was transferring schools.

To me, who had spent the past twelve months dreaming of my metamorphosis, this was nothing less than the opportunity of a lifetime. With my parent’s credit card in hand, I ordered all the clothes I ever dreamed of owning.

On the first day of school, I put on my new clothes, caked makeup badly on to my face, and headed out the door. Not surprisingly, it was the most uncomfortable day of my life. Everybody was looking at me, the new girl, taking in the style that made me feel like I was nothing more than an actress only playing at being me.

Since then, another year has come and gone, bringing many new changes. Very quickly, I realised it was a mistake to copy point blank out of magazines, or only wear clothes the ‘cool’ girls were wearing. What was more important was finding a style that fit my personality and my needs. I toned down the makeup (a lot!), and mixed up the staples in my closet to create outfits that were stylish and gave me confidence.

In the end, it was not my fear that held me back; it was the yearning to conform and ‘look good.’ However, I learned that if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, you will not look approachable no matter how stylish your clothes are. Being fashionable comes from within, not from the pieces of fabric you cover your body with. The lesson here is to not be afraid to break out of your shell, but break out for the right reasons, in the right direction. In other words, look the way you want to, not the way others say you should.