Amazing Kids! Magazine

Summer Adventures

By Paul Ngu, Amazing Kids Adventures and Global Village Editor


As summer approaches, many kids and teenagers may find that they have more time on their hands. One great way to make use of the extra time is to go on a bit of an adventure and travel. Admittedly, I am not a naturally adventurous person, but I have found that taking the risk and challenging myself to explore and travel to unfamiliar places can be a very rewarding experience.

Because I am usually quite busy during the school year, most of my travels take place during the summer. Over the past few summers, I have hiked in the Grand Canyon, explored Niagara Falls, and camped out in upstate New York. Although these experiences are varied, they are similar in that they instill a sense of appreciation for nature and a more balanced view on life. When I hiked in the Grand Canyon, for example, I was at awe at the geological influences that shaped the canyon. Though I have learned about erosion and deposition during Earth Science in middle school; it was an amazing experience to see first-hand the effects of these geological forces. The view of the Grand Canyon was incredible, partly because of the vastness of the canyon. More importantly, it provided a nice balance to the everyday city landscape I see at home.

Adventures, of course, are not limited to hiking. There are many other options, such as camping, kayaking, volunteering in a foreign environment, and travelling to different countries. In my opinion, adventures are more enjoyable with family or a few friends. There is a sense of comradeship and bonding that one only gets through spending time together in outdoor adventures. For example, when I was in Boy Scouts, I often went on weekend camping trips with my peers. The skills we learned in cooking, hiking, and first-aid were important, but equally important were the laughter and stories shared together late at night around campfires. Beyond the social benefits of new adventures, travelling and exploring can provide a more balanced view of the world we live in and an appreciation for the environment. When I came back from a Boy Scouts camping trip, I often was eager to go outside more and explore the parks and nature around me. Especially since I live in the city, these outdoor adventures have proven especially enjoyable and something to look forward to in the summer.

Next fall, I will be heading off to college. In the meantime though, I hope to make the most of my summer to explore, travel, and tackle new adventures. Currently, I am planning on hiking and camping out in Maine. When I visited Maine last fall, I was amazed by how beautiful it was and the abundant trees and coasts that exist, and I really hope to witness the beauty of nature there this summer. Regardless of where you go though, there are many wonders and joys of going on an adventure. I highly encourage you, especially this coming summer, to explore and travel!