Amazing Kids! Magazine

Take a Staycation!

By Cathy Yan, Assistant Editor, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor


With the weather heating up and school being out of session, summer is the perfect time to take a vacation. Before you go to beg your parents for a trip to Paris, or look up flights to New York, consider packing (or unpacking) your bags for a staycation instead. It is a cheap way to have fun, make memories, and get to know your own city. What defines a staycation is not the luxurious hotel stays or the change of scenery, but the up close and personal experiences gained from viewing your home in a new light.

Whether you live in a big, bustling city or a small town off the grid, there is always something to explore. It may be the lake a few miles away that serves as a watering hole for rare animals, or the new exhibition opening at the art gallery. Whatever it is, seize the moment and go forth. Summer is short, but regret lasts forever. If you have the chance, say ‘yes’ to opportunity, pack a backpack, and head out for the adventure of discovering something new.

While going on a regular vacation requires a hundred suitcases all stuffed to the brim with essentials, staycations thrive on packing lightly so as to leave room for souvenirs and be suitable for walking with. All you need for a perfect day out is sunscreen, a water bottle, and a packed lunch or money. Even better, travel with your friends so you can split up the packing list, lightening everyone’s load but still guaranteeing everything needed is available.

Tempting as it may be, do not take too many pictures. Trying to keep mementos can backfire, taking energy away from living in the moment and actually absorbing what you are experiencing. Of course, take out the camera when you encounter something monumental or important, but being too snap happy can annoy people around you and only serve to give you a superficial understanding of your surroundings. With whatever photos you do take, try to make something meaningful like a scrapbook page or collage out of it instead of just posting it online.

No matter where you go, take the time to enjoy your journey and fully explore your destination. Staycations are a great way to find out about the hidden parts of your community and learn more about your home. Being knowledgeable about your city is not just impressive; it can change your perspective on how to view the world, without ever leaving your neighborhood. All in all, use this summer to go where you have not gone before, and make the most of your time. Have fun!