Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Bear Adventure

By Audrey Brining, age 9, Michigan


I opened the book, and out slipped a photograph of a black bear. I remember my sister and I were so excited to go to Gatlinburg and see a black bear. Mom and Dad like to walk, so they insisted we go on a couple of hikes.

The first hike was five miles. Mom had packed peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch.

Lilly said, “I hope we see a bear.”

I said, “Me, too.”

When we arrived at the trail, we had to put on our bug spray. On our way, we crossed three bridges.

At the end, there was a beautiful waterfall. When we stopped enjoying the waterfall, we headed back and crossed the three bridges. We headed back to the car feeling sad because we did not see a bear. Mom passed out the peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Dad started the car and drove off. Then dad screamed, “Bear!” We hopped out of the car to take pictures. Just then the black bear spotted us. We ran off, and then Lilly realized she had the peanut butter and honey sandwich still in her hand—bears love honey! I yanked the sandwich out of her hand and threw it into the woods. The bear ran into the woods to lick the sweet honey. We quickly hopped back into the car and drove off. We saw our bear after all! We couldn’t wait to check out our camera for evidence of our adventure.