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The Country of Austria: Language, Scenery, and Wienerschnitzel

By Stella Prince, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor


There are many countries in the continent of Europe. Most are quite famous, like England, for instance, with Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, or Italy, with the Coliseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa. But Austria, a country filled with many things such as culture, delicious food, and rich landscape, is a land that some people don’t visit—though I have to say, Austria is a fabulous country in itself. My family and I went for one week last fall, and we were shocked at how beautiful it was.

The first two days we spent in Austria were at the White Horse Inn in St. Wolfgang, right on the St. Wolfgang lake. If you’re looking for some relaxation, this is the perfect destination. I was in heaven swimming in their indoor pool and using the downstairs spa. Even if it was freezing outside, I actually got a chance to swim in the outside heated pool, which is located eye-level with the lake so you feel like you’re in that and not the pool. That experience was probably my favorite of the whole trip—you could just paddle back and forth, all while looking up at the gorgeous mountains surrounding you and the white, silk-like clouds coming down from the bright blue sky. I actually felt as if I were in paradise! (This is a total must-do.)

Anyway, the first morning we woke up in St. Wolfgang, I enjoyed a treat—the White Horse Inn always provides a large buffet breakfast for the whole family! Spreads, crepes, meats, eggs, and fresh-squeezed orange juice were laid out in front of our eyes, and everything tasted amazing. That day we actually ventured away from the hotel and into the town, where adorable, little tourist shops lined the streets, as well as bakeries and things to do for the whole family. The activity we picked was taking a boat ride to the next lake town over, and it was fun riding away—you could get a great view of the lake! Now at the next town, we walked around enjoying the scenery and then bought a classic Austrian cuckoo clock at one of the tourist shops. I was also amazed to find a café that served pizza and spaghetti instead of Wiener schnitzel and other delicacies. But we got our chance for a real Austrian meal—that night we decided to go out for dinner and found a cute little restaurant across from our hotel. We ordered Wienerschnitzel, which is REALLY amazing, and also a special local dessert which consisted of a crepe-like pancake with sweet foam inside.

So I have to say, St. Wolfgang really pleased us. But now it was time to move on and take the train to Salzburg!

We arrived late at night and checked into our B&B, which, believe it or not, was the Von Trapps’ real home from long ago. Villa Trapp is located just outside the city, and you can take an easy bus ride from a local breakfast café to the middle of Salzburg any time of day. Anyway, the B&B was phenomenal. Although it lacked good service, the rooms were comfortable and charming, and it was in a pretty good location. We slept well that night and then woke early to walk to the bus stop, where we waited at the nearest café.

The first time I spotted Salzburg, it gave me a small flashback to Rome—most areas were very touristy, but some designated places were less crowded and actually really beautiful. The first touristy activity we did was visit Mozart’s home. I have to say it was amazingly fascinating, and I learned a lot from one trip. That afternoon we loved eating at this touristy yet charming café called “Nordsee” (Northsea), which serves delicious buffets, usually consisting of a big piece of fish as well as veggies and dessert.

Overall, my family and I really enjoyed Austria, and I definitely recommend visiting the country and city parts, as both are different in their own ways. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit again, but if not, the memories I gained will stick in my head forever.