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The Southern Touch: My Trip to the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia

By Stella Prince, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor


The South is best known for rolling hills, wide valleys, and scenic routes that classically point out the states’ wide array of landscape and beauty. I was amazed to find eye-catching architecture and fascinating historical landmarks all throughout my visit, and I enjoyed every minute thoroughly. Taking a southern road trip with my family was pretty amazing, and I hope someday to do it again.

One of our first stops was in Edenton, North Carolina, where we stayed at the Captain’s Quarters Inn. Although the hotel was not something to write home about, my family and I definitely enjoyed the town. But the next morning we eagerly took a bus tour around the area and maybe got a little more than we bargained for, history-wise. The guide began a two-hour speech, and as much as we wanted to listen, it was time to get back on the road. Edenton is definitely nice if you have to stay, but I really wasn’t blown away at all—I wouldn’t come back for a vacation, but it may be a decent resting place if that’s all there is.

That day we traveled into South Carolina, and I felt thrilled at how gorgeous it was. I guess the brochures and travel magazines were right—it really was full of incredible landscape, farms, old architecture, and incredible food!

We slept in Beaufort, South Carolina, where we excitedly checked into our hotel, The Beaufort Inn, and slept a very comfortable, enjoyable sleep. The next morning, we were amazed when we went down for breakfast. The architecture was old southern, which is always charming, and the food was beyond incredible! A beautiful buffet was laid out before us—coffeecake, grits, coffee, bacon, and other delicacies. My family and I enjoyed the hotel so much that we decided to even stay another day, and the highlight of the entire trip was definitely visiting Charleston, which is a beautiful, big city right near Beaufort. We walked around the old area, with colorful townhouses surrounding us, and spent some time shopping and eating in the main square. It was a very enjoyable visit, and I would totally go out of my way again to stay there in the future.

One of our most memorable stops was in Williamsburg, Virginia, where we didn’t stay the night but visited during the day. And we fell in love with the adorable colonial town! Actors filled the streets and shops, playing charming characters from the 18th century. Remnants of the Revolutionary War were definitely there, and Williamsburg even has war reenactment activities put on a couple times a day. But something even more memorable than a war reenactment came our way—after poking around shops and old houses, we came upon an old-fashioned inn, and it was amazing. Dinner there was a real treat, and the food was spectacular as well as the service. I highly recommend visiting Williamsburg, for there are plenty of things to do, people to watch, places to go, and things to buy.

Our last stop was in Tybee Island, Georgia, and it was nice to be able to get a glance of the beautiful scenery right outside our door. We stayed at the Surf Song Bed and Breakfast, located five minutes from the nearest beach. The rooms were beautiful, the area was private, and the service was very good. The next morning my family and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then had a great time taking pictures and walking by the ocean. Although it was way too cold to swim, we had fun and left feeling pleased that we had stayed. We stopped for lunch near the main drag, and it was beyond incredible. I loved my large slice of classic key lime pie, and my parents and I shared a big fish sandwich as well. Georgia left a good taste in our mouths, and I would go back any time.

And lastly, I just want to share one more memory with you:

On one of the earlier days in our trip, between Maryland and Virginia, we tiredly, after a long day of travel, turned onto a road that seemed as if it were leading us to nowhere. My parents and I were considering turning around, but I insisted we keep going. What was a road trip without adventure? So, we kept on driving, and eventually…we made it to a town. It was a small town—very small, indeed—with a couple houses on the main street and some old, abandoned warehouses on every corner. And finally, we made it to a cafe. Well, I guess it wasn’t really a cafe but more of an old-fashioned southern diner. All of the local townsfolk were enjoying their mid-day meal, and pretending we were locals, we sat down and ordered a meal as well. Boy,were we surprised! I swear it was the best meal I’ve had in years. We shared a portion of beer-battered catfish with fried green tomatoes and lemon pie. It was beyond incredible, and we even got to meet the owner. She was incredibly nice, and I found it fascinating that we wound up in a classic diner that, believe it or not, had the best food and service in the entire South.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes it’s important to live a little. I guess if we hadn’t taken a chance, we wouldn’t have been to that diner, or on a road trip at all. Traveling is sometimes the best medicine, or for me it is, at least.

I had a fantastic time on my southern road trip and would love, more than anything, to take it again someday.