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Trip to the Hamptons

By Bryan Lee, age 13, California

During my summer vacation, I went to Long Island with my family. There were many fun things to do on Long Island, but today I want to talk about my visit to the Hamptons. The Hampton’s beaches are world famous and are located on eastern Long Island. Although I have been to many beaches before, the Hamptons on Long Island are famous and I had seen them featured in movies before. I decided to check out the beaches myself and I was in for a treat.

My family and I were surprised by the vast beaches at the Hamptons. The white sand found in the beaches was absolutely beautiful and the sand felt warm against my body. The sun was shining bright and made our trip to the beaches a sunny and beautiful day. While the water from the Atlantic Ocean wasn’t warm enough for me to swim in, it was still refreshing to dip in the water and cool down from the heat. What I liked was the different things that could be found in addition to just the beach. While you could build sand castles or enjoy a nice walk in the beach, there were also many other amusements and attractions in the East Hamptons. For example, there were many fine dining, shops and boutiques, galleries, and antiques to look at. There were spas, golf courses, bowling alleys, and museums. Since it was my first time visiting this area, I spent most of the time just walking around and looking at all the places. However, I am sure that if I had more time to spend, I would really be able to enjoy all that the beaches and attractions the Hamptons had to offer.

Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum

One museum that I especially enjoyed visiting was the Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum. This museum has a lot of historical significance. One interesting fact I learned was that this museum was the first lighthouse in New York State. It was commissioned by President George Washington and has remained an important part of history for Long Island and also New York. It is also the fourth oldest lighthouse in the United States that is still currently active. How cool is that? The tower of the lighthouse is around 110 feet and from that height, you can look down and see the ocean. What a stunning sight!

I was extremely lucky to be able to visit the Hamptons and I enjoyed a view of the beaches and surroundings from two different views. I would really recommend it for a day trip or for an extended vacation. There are many things to do and places to visit, such as the Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum. I hoped you like it as much as I did!