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Youth Needs Study Days

By Harnoor Gill, age 13, Ontario


The Youth Needs Study, also known as YNS, is a study looking for feedback at the facility and service needs of 13 to 19 year olds in Halton Hills. My experiences at YNS have taught me how to engage youth in the community with matters that need to be discussed. In order for us to truly understand YOUth we need to hear from YOU.  So let us know what YOUth think… YOU can let us in on your insights by taking a quick survey at our Facebook page which looks at the service needs of YOUth.

Today while I was at the mall letting more youth know about YNS, I came across Ted Arnott, our Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)! I told him about everything we have been doing and he was very pleased to see me doing this for the community of Halton Hills. I told him I have been doing many youth initiatives such as helping for local youth groups or pulling weeds from the local ecology centre. He also supports the idea that the youth do MATTER because they are the future generation and are going to make a difference internationally. I was very lucky to have my picture taken with him because as you probably know MPP Ted Arnott is a great asset to our community because he supports the youth of Halton Hills through various ways.

At the Downtown Georgetown farmer’s market there were not many youths who could inform the community about YNS. But there were many grownups that were interested to tell their kids about us. This was also a great opportunity to give the little silicone wrist bands to kids that could also spread the word of feedback we would need from the YOUth in the community for the study of more facilities & services for us.

I also watched a Theatre arts camp performance there and handed out YNS merchandise so that more people would know about the YNS swag. The performance was based on Justin Beiber and was the name of the play was Bieber Balooza. I loved the play because it was funny and was very imaginative.

The next event at the Georgetown Marketplace, Maeve (another member of the fabulous YOUth crew) and I handed out some YNS merchandise to youth that were walking by and were interested in our group. We had so many pins that we used the pins to make words that are important to us such as YNS and Youth. I was also surprised by the fact other than that it was the best turnout that probably happened to YNS. I was also delighted that many people, mostly teenagers, were really interested in having facilities for us youth to hang out in such as a movie theatre or an arcade center.

As a result of my all experiences with YNS, I can say that I love YNS and I am happy to be a part of this steering committee. I can’t wait for the next event where we share our swag with everyone. You can get involved in your own local youth-led groups by putting your efforts in to give suggestions via volunteering. So get on out there guys and make a difference in what YOU believe in because, YOUth MATTER!