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Amazing Movie Review – Gnomeo and Juliet

By Perry Chen, Movie Review Columnist

Liked: This film is a clever twist on a Shakespeare classic with a pair of sworn enemies: the blue gnome Gnomeo and the red gnome Juliet falling in love. It has one humorous gag after another. I like the many rich supporting characters, like the green frog, Featherstone, the flamingo and a canine-like blue mushroom who sniffed around. My favorite scene is when Gnomeo and Juliet fought for a rare orchid like acrobats.

Disliked: The ending is too tidy in order to please youngsters. Another flaw is when Juliet got herself in trouble, her father super-glued her feet to a pedestal to keep her safe, but when the garden was destroyed, she magically freed herself, and nobody got hurt!

Would I recommend it? I recommend this film to ages 5 and up, because in the theater, I heard a baby wailing (unstoppably!) whenever a piece of property in the film was destroyed.

Perry Chen is a 10-year-old film & entertainment critic, artist, and animator. His website: