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Amazing Movie Review – Justin Bieber – Never Say Never

By Perry Chen, Movie Review Columnist

Liked: Every generation has its own idols: The Beatles in the ’60s, Michael Jackson in the ’80s, and Justin Bieber for the YouTube age! This film has a great moral that shows how a street boy became a worldwide sensation. This film offers some great advice that I think that I could use. Justin was very loyal to his fans and was unhappy when he had to cancel a show because of his sore vocal chords. He had self-motivation and a loving family that helped him become a great singer and musician without any training when he was young.

Disliked: Justin Bieber seemed a little immature for his age sometimes. In some scenes, he played the guitar shirtless on the floor (for some reason, the girls in the theater always screamed hysterically when he took off his shirt).

Would I recommend it? I recommend it to teenagers, because they are the main audience of Justin Bieber’s music.

Perry Chen is a 10-year-old film & entertainment critic, artist, and animator.   His website:


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  1. Jailyn Collins /

    I loved the movie.