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Movie Review – Back to the Future Series

By Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor

The Back To The Future movies are three great movies about a teenage boy named Marty McFly who has an okay life that could be better – Marty has a great girlfriend, but his father works for a mean man named Biff who bosses him around, and their family has financial problems. Marty has a good friend who’s a scientist that Marty calls Doc, and Doc has finally invented something that works, and is quite amazing. Doc has invented a time machine. This time machine is going to change both Marty’s and Doc’s lives forever.

Except, at first, their lives aren’t changing in a good way. Doc took a job to build a bomb for some bad people. They gave him loads of petroleum oil for him to do it, but Doc blew them off. He kept the petroleum oil but didn’t make the bomb. He instead used the oil to start his time machine. When experimenting with the time machine with Marty and Doc’s dog, Einstein, the people he stole the oil from found him, and shot him. Marty, scared and upset about Doc’s death, jumped into the time machine, with only one can of petroleum oil. Marty was then transported from the 1980s to the 1930s.

Marty then had no way to get back. He had only brought one can of petroleum oil, which had been used up. He then found the old Doc, who helped him in his journey to get back to the 1980s. Along the way, Marty ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his young mother falls in love with him and not his dad. Marty must fix this immediately. By fixing this, he also fixed his dad’s career; he helped him stand up to Biff, and in the future, Biff would work for his dad, and not his dad for Biff. Marty also writes a note to Doc for him to open the day Doc is to be shot, to tell him to prepare.

When back in the 1980s, life is now pristine. Doc had read the note, and he had prepared, so he wasn’t dead. Marty’s family no longer has financial problems, his dad isn’t being bossed around by Biff, and Marty’s family is living in a nice home.

However, Marty and Doc’s journey doesn’t stop there. Doc had taken a journey to the future; to 2015, to be exact. Where, in the movie, there’s flying cars and everything is high tech. Doc had seen Marty’s son get into something extremely bad, and, since he looked like Marty, he brought Marty to the future and had Marty pretend to be Marty’s son, and get his son out of this bad situation.

There was good and bad to this trip: Marty found something out that changes his life and career in the future. But… Biff, now an old man, gets his hands on something he shouldn’t, steals the time machine, transports himself back to the 1930s, gives a book of the sports champions for 20-30 years to old Biff, and then transports himself back, without Marty nor Doc knowing. When Doc and Marty go back to the future, everything’s a wreck. Biff had used that book and was now a rich man, because he had all the answers to the sports champions, which, when it came to betting, made Biff always win. Marty’s dad was now dead, shot by Biff, and his mom was married to Biff. Things were horrible… and Marty and Doc had to fix them. They then went back in time, where Marty stole the sports book from young Biff, this should turn everything back to normal, right? Wrong. Doc and the time machine is struck by lightning, sending them to the 1800s, without Marty.

Marty is once again stuck in the 1930s. He once again goes to the young Doc, where he gets help transporting himself back to the 1800s to get the present Doc. There, Doc finds the love of his life and Marty learns a valuable lesson before going back to the 1980s.

This is a great series – but don’t take my word for it, go watch it for yourself!

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  1. 1955 not 1930s