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The Guardians of the Galaxy Are Back

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor


Guardians of the Galaxy is back again, giving you all those hilarious moments and slapstick jokes on point, like it did with the original 2014 blockbuster. All the familiarity from 2014’s prequel, its great cast, its genius director, and those amazing CGI effects—all of it—are here in this bundle of great fun in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

In fact, Marvel Studios seems to have gone even further this time.

I mean, just look at the amount of glitter and stars, and all those shiny ornaments and Christmas tinsel you see for at least half of the movie. Honestly speaking, it looks like the animation and effects teams seem to have at least a dozen nursery school kids. (And this is meant wholly as a compliment because this movie just gives off euphoric, happy vibes that we are totally okay with.)

The movie starts out with the usual chaotic intro scene, slowly introducing our main cast and what they do, along with all the lame jokes they make—or rather, Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord make.

First, we have Star-Lord, the main protagonist of the movie, who has a slightly cringey name and equally cringey, but hilarious, lame jokes.

Then, we have Gamora, the green-skinned Amazonian butt-kicker; Drax, another green-skinned butt-kicker; Mantis, the latest new, and also psychic, addition to the team; Yondu, a fan-favorite from the last prequel; Nebula, Gamora’s blue-skinned sister; her rival, Rocket Racoon, spitting lame jokes from time to time—all the time—and finally, baby Groot, who steals the whole movie with that adorable CGI face.

Now, thinking about it, with a squad like this, it’s not really surprising that GOTG V2 is the bombshell it is. *Nods head thoughtfully.

An internet tagline, or meme, that’s become popular because of GOTG V2 is, “Even superheroes have daddy issues.”

And to be honest, that is pretty much true. I mean, come on, when your daddy is Thanos, an evil and very powerful supervillain that seeks to rebuild the universe the way he wants to, you know you have problems.

And then we have dear old Star-Lord, whose own father is supposedly “an angel made of light,” as quoted by Meredith, Star-Lord’s mother.

You see? Even superhero lives can be complicated. So, don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there.

Besides this, there’s not much to be said about GOTG: It’s a very good movie, has all the qualities of its amazing prequel, and is just enjoyable to watch. Oh, and it has Baby Groot. What more needs to be said? Go watch it. Now.