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1×1 – Supergirl Soars To New Heights in the Pilot

By Sarina Patel, Jr. Assistant Editor and Comic Hub Co-Editor


This image belongs to CBS

This image belongs to CBS

You may recognize the familiar backstory from years of avidly reading Superman comics: baby Kal-El blasted off his dying native planet Krypton, grew up on Earth under the name of Clark Kent, and adopted the moniker Superman after deciding to use his numerous alien powers to save Metropolis from disaster.

What you probably don’t recognize is the unfamiliar backstory of his cousin, Kara Zor-El. The brave teenager vowed to assume the responsibility of caring for Kal-El in order to do her parents and cousin justice. “I won’t fail Kal-El or you.” After uttering those honorable words, the pod jumps into outer space, and Kara acknowledges her eventual arrival to Destination Earth with a determined stare into the camera. However, her pod gets stuck in a hole in space, causing Kara to arrive a little later than scheduled. When she descends upon Earth, Kara is still thirteen years old, but to her surprise, her fully-grown and now famous cousin, Kal-El, lifts her out of the pod.

Since then, our protagonist Kara has tried to put her days as a Kryptonian behind her. “After all, Earth [doesn’t] need another hero.” She now convinces herself that she is fulfilling her purpose on Earth…as a journalist and coffee-bearing assistant to her demanding, dry-humored boss Cat Grant. Today seems like an ordinary day at the office. Unfortunately, plucky Kara’s plans to avoid the spotlight quickly spiral downhill once she receives word of a full flight swerving towards impending doom in Metropolis. Will Kara Zor-El stop hiding behind the scenes? Will Supergirl step up to the plate and don the famous crimson cape?

The answer to those questions is a relieving and resounding Yes. She confesses to colleague Wynn Scott: “I’m going to tell you something about me, that for most of my life, I’ve run from it. I embraced who I am and I don’t want to stop” before revealing her secret identity. What you are seeing is fear under control—a promising shift from the “fearless knight in shining armor” archetype that comic titan DC originally created. To see a confident and courageous female figure is an inspiration to the girls of the current generation—whose major role models have been celebrities and socialites. Supergirl has even inspired us writers to empower kids by telling the story of an unheard superhero, and helping them to find their inner savior. That tells us even superheroes are daunted in times of great struggle—but the innate quality of resilience will help them prepare to face any trouble that comes their way. The shiny premiere of Supergirl exceeds expectations by soaring to bigger, better themes far beyond Metropolis. With a league of sufficient actors, a promising transcript, and the required will of steel to power this show into superhero stardom; Supergirl is well on her way to taking flight.