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A Fun Day at Florida Supercon 2016

By Sarina Patel, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Jr. Assistant Editor


Two months ago, I had the privilege of attending Miami’s very own Florida Supercon 2016! Throughout the exciting and eventful day, I logged the activities I participated in, the stores I shopped at, and recorded the panels I went to.

July 2, 2016— 9:27 AM

Registration was surprisingly quick and painless. Within two minutes, my parents and I gained clearance and are now walking through the door and into the main hallway. The pink wristband on my skin twists when I walk. It feels dry and papery. We file in the extremely long line and hope that the doors open soon.

9:36 AM

The first thing I see is how many people have shown up. The hall is flooded with thousands of people; and what a sight it is! Everyone seems to be doing something cool. We have—let’s see: anime enthusiasts cosplaying as characters from such greats as Attack on Titan and Bleach. We have avid Marvel and DC Comics fans crowding the hall and imitating the stances of their favorite superheroes (a gathering crowd just applauded a toddler wearing a Deadpool costume and waving plushy katanas in the air as he descended the stairs.) We have the manga readers; skimming through the last chapter of their books with giddy smiles on their faces as they relive the killer ending. their phones arched high, waiting for the doors to open. Most importantly, we have a long line of impatient but eager fans; the most curious thing being not the length of the line (Supercon is ridiculously popular, after all). No, the funniest and most fascinating thing is the mannerisms these geeks have as they wait to pass the time. They act like kids who’ve arrived at the candy store minutes before it opens: conflicted about being impatient and being excited. Their feet are tapping but the glasses are polished so they can see clearly, they’re checking their phones to see the time but are simultaneously arching their cameras higher than the person in front of them.

9:48 AM

Even though pointing out their funny twitching and obvious restraint to not geek out as soon as they think they spotted voice acting veteran Tara Strong or Gotham actress Morena Baccarin rustle the curtains from the other side of the photo booth is an excellent way to pass the time, I can’t fault them for anticipating what’s about to happen. No one wants to miss the ceremonious opening of the double doors into the Main Hall, after all. Once entrance to the Main Hall is granted, we fans are allowed to shop for the coolest clothes, scavenge for the least crowded place to take pictures, sidle up to the photo booth to take pictures with the talented (voice) actors in our favorite shows, and show off our fangirling skills.

10:00 AM

Now, the doors are open. We’re in! Since the first event in the morning starts in half an hour, my parents and I decide to pass the time by browsing the shops in the Main Hall, an area perhaps more accurately described as a maze of vibrant and funky stations rather than a rigid column of stations. Color explodes in every possible view— from the posters streaming rainbows across the towering gray wall to the full body paint decorating numerous fans that walk by.

10:16 AM

We pass many beautiful stations while browsing in the Main Hall. One thing I noticed was the variety of choice in the Main Hall: bountiful booths boast creative graphic t-shirts, while others offer courses in graphic design and hand-made jewelry. Although the friendly vendors shout out well-meaning calls of, “Half off!” and “Buy THIS shirt!”; a quick look at the time compels us to streamline the shopping process.

10: 24 AM

Shopping around has been fun, but we need to get a move on if we want to get to Ballroom 4 (a small but neat room located to the left of the Main Hall…a good walk away, since we’re traveling on foot) by 10:30 AM. That gives us a little under six minutes! My parents and I bolt to the other side of the building and just barely slide into our seats before the event begins!

10:30 AM

The first event of the day is a Q&A Panel with Charles Martinet, a renowned voice actor for Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi! He’s been voicing the famous Mario Kart characters for thirty consecutive years, and has a lot of experience where it concerns the video game. Martinet was very friendly and answered the fans’ many questions: how he auditioned for Mario Kart, how he modulates his voice to fit the animation, what his thoughts on the game are.

11:20 AM

The next panel that I went to was extremely interesting. A team of comic book writers, all of whom had previous experience working at Marvel and DC Headquarters, used their time on stage to share their advice to both interns and young writers at such large corporations. I caught the end of their Q&A Panel.

11: 30 AM

Reporting live from Ballroom 4 at the Miami Convention Center, where we are about to witness one of the major events of Florida Supercon 2016: the Olivia Olson Q&A Panel! At the panel, audience members get to ask Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time and Vanessa Doofenschmirtz from Phineas & Ferb) questions and hear the energetic voice actress sing requested songs, answer pressing inquiries, and compliment their cosplay. Voice actors like her make the entire experience worthwhile in every panel: they are so enthusiastic, and manage to fill the normally static room with their infectious energy.

12: 30 PM

Back in the Main Hall, where the line of shops never ceases to impress! One store stands out in particular: the steampunk store, where the wide variety of industrial-dystopian-influenced clothing—ranging from elegantly curved top hats and glittery goggles to elegant bow-tied coats and gold-splattered trousers, all made in a metallic color palette—is designed by the same woman currently advertising her material to me! Amazing!

2: 16 PM

Since there are four hours until the main event, my parents and I have decided to return to the hotel room. I will report back at around 6:30 PM, so stay posted!

6: 23 PM

My day at Florida Supercon has been a blast so far. Now it’s time for the main event! The most popular attraction at Florida Supercon 2016 is the Q&A Panel for my favorite animated series to date— the colorful and transcendent Steven Universe. At your typical Q&A Panel, a few voice actors will come out. The few audience members are then encouraged by the Panel Host to ask them questions about their job and perspectives on their characters. However, the Steven Universe Q&A Panel is clearly different from the rest. The voice actors of this acclaimed and uplifting cartoon inspired hundreds of people to fly in from across the country and pack the Jackie Gleason theatre. Thanks to the extensive promotion of Florida Supercon’s biggest and boldest event, tickets to see the voice actors have completely sold out!

6:26 PM

Currently cranking up the volume on my phone and testing the audio recording app. I want to make sure that everything is ready for me to record the main event!

6:30 PM

Looks like the show is starting. It’s Go Time!

8:03 PM

It’s been a fun day at Florida Supercon 2016!

Thanks for reading and listening in; and stay tuned for future entries at upcoming Comic Cons!