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A New Life – Part Two (A Potterverse based fanfiction)

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor


Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of the story which began in the July/August issue. For maximum enjoyment, read Part 1 first here:

Chapter 2

“OH MY GOD!” He nearly screamed when he opened his eyes, and saw his gift. “THAT’S ONE OF THOSE…MERLIN’S PANTS…THAT’S, THAT’S A PAIR OF THOSE NIKE BOOTS!”

His mom was smiling, hands crossed, and his dad had a very broad smirk.

“But, they, th-they must hav-have cost like, holy cow…”

His dad came to his rescue. “Calm down already, and do get the mail.”

“Yeah, sure, but still…” And muttering to himself, hands clasped on his head, knees wobbling, Sehen left the living room. He looked up as he entered the narrow hall. The red velvet colour covering the walls, and the ceiling of the corridor reminded him of apples…

“Ah, here we go,” Sehen picked up the letters. “A few letters for dad and-” he faltered. “Wait, what…no, can’t be…”

But it was…The last letter was addressed to him, and it was as clear as crystal.

Mr. S. Gamhewa Jr.

The First Bedroom,

Crodney Cast, 2

Coventry Place


There was no mistaking it. He turned the letter around. It was yellowish, almost crumbly, and it had no stamp! And then, there was the capital ‘H’ with some blotches on the four sides of the letter.

“Dad,” Sehen almost squealed. “I got…um…a letter…”

He heard the door to the hallway grinding open, and then, a rush of footsteps. In a flash, his dad had eagerly torn away the letter from him. Sehen had been in a shocked state all this time, and now, he finally recovered.

“Hey, that’s my letter! Give it back!” he yelled angrily.

“Wait!” His dad pushed him away and turned as fast as a bolt of light, back toward the letter.

Sehen rubbed his back. That fall had been one of the nastier ones. Out of a half-open eye, Sehen watched his dad’s face alight with excitement, and finally, he collapsed on to a nearby chintz armchair.

“HE’S GOT IT!” his dad yelled, happiness covering every inch of his face.

Sehen heard a shriek.

“Shall we tell him then?” he heard his mom yell.

“Yes! Finally…” His dad seemed elated. To Sehen, it looked like his dad was gonna float off the ground. A clip-clopping sound came, as his mum almost galloped into the room. Sehen looked at them. Their faces were almost split into pieces by their smile.

His dad got up. “Son…” He cleared his throat. “I, no, I mean, we, are about to let you on in the biggest secret of our lives,” he whispered, as if a spy might be near the door, eavesdropping on the secret.

Sehen’s face lit up. He loved secrets. They made him feel all smug and warm inside, like a hot air-balloon was moving around inside him. Before he could interrupt, his dad moved on.

“Son…” He paused and straightened, tears nearly dropping from his eyes. “You’re a wizard…And so are we.”

Sehen’s face went blank. “You’re kidding.”

“Nope,” his dad countered.

“Prove it.”

“Voila!” His dad took out a thin old stick and flicked it. A blast of water exploded on Sehen’s face.

“What the heck was that?”

“A simple charm,” his dad was looking quite smug, “called Aguamenti.”

Sehen took a step back. This was too much for him, way too much for him.

“But then, when will I get my wand?” he asked.

“Let me show you, then, let’s go son.” His dad grabbed his arm. “Bye Anu! I’ll be back in-”

Sehen’s mum completed the sentence for his dad, “-an hour.” She waved back, and then, Sehen—

To Be Continued –