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Cape to Cape – The Newest Superhero Rivalry

By Sarina Patel, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Jr. Assistant Editor


Picture by DC Entertainment.

Picture by DC Entertainment.

Brace yourself, Batboys and Supergirls.

The Dark Knight has finally risen to the much-anticipated challenge of beating his fellow rival, the notoriously zany alien Superman, into the ground.

Blockbuster Batman v Superman will take the world by storm when it smashes into theaters in 2016. The pressing question is: who will emerge from the ashes first— Kent or Wayne?

The prospect of the billionaire fighting fist to fist with a nearly indestructible source of power is almost amusing. However, in the trailer released exclusively at Comic Con, Bruce is nothing like his formidable enemy, The Joker. He is no laughing matter.

In fact, Mr. Wayne looks like he means business. Even in the dead of night, as his black silk cape glides silently across the battered asphalt and the pouring rain sputters on his black mask, Batman’s face is as cold and grim as frosted concrete.

Now…while we cringe at the thought of seeing everyone’s favorite caped hero punched right through the shiny blue latex, we can’t help but wonder…what chance does the 6’2” Batman stand against the 6’3” Superman?

Let’s shove our enthusiasm for the smash hit aside and return to the drawing board, where we can really see how Bruce Wayne stacks up against Clark Kent.

Their similarities: Both superheroes have their respective identities as normal human citizens. By day, Bruce Wayne is your ordinary guy and Clark Kent is your typical run of the mill. But by night, they are two unstoppable forces, perhaps the greatest and most publicized the world of comics has ever known.

Both superheroes have distinctive individual characteristics. While Batman is not your traditional superhero (given that he doesn’t have any powers), he uses his human attributes—enormous wealth, courage, intellect, and intimidation—to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. Superman uses his powers much in the same way—his phenomenal senses allow him to support and assist the people of Metropolis whenever they need to be saved by the legendary superhero, and is virtually unaffected by anything that physically comes his way.

Which brings us to the next similarity…superheroes are not invincible. Despite their apparent invulnerability as the shining icons of comic-book culture we know them to be today, both superheroes first underwent heavy character development at the hands of insightful comic book writers. These superheroes were designed to have their tribulations just like the rest of us. One striking similarity between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel is what defines them as a hero. They are not defined by how many problems they were able to handle; but instead praised for their unique ability to solve their problems and save the day by overcoming the adversity in their troublesome lives.

Before ‘Superman to the Rescue’ steamrolled to stardom as a popular catchphrase, there was a journalist by the name of Clark Kent—a seemingly ordinary man who didn’t stick out in a crowd. He wrote for the Daily Star and served underneath an editor. He lived a mundane life. Meanwhile, way back when ‘I’m Batman’ was not a pivotal catchphrase of the D.C. stratosphere, Bruce Wayne grappled with the sudden departure of his fatally-wounded parents…left behind as the lonely and only heir to an empire of monetary fortune.

While both of them are not without their fair share of problems, they manage to do astounding things with their tragedies—they amplify their flaws into an exterior personality that they save the world in. Their flaws are scars that they wear proudly on their masks…for everyone to see.

Movie details: Acclaimed actor and director Ben Affleck stars as Batman (nicknamed ‘Batfleck’ by his endearing army of fans) opposite the dazzling Henry Cavill, both as Batman and Superman respectively.

Some things worth mentioning: Unfortunately, stalwart sidekick Robin and supportive butler Alfred are nowhere to be seen in the first trailer, but there is always hope that they will make an appearance in the following previews. It is not Cavill nor is it Affleck who manages to steal the show during the trailer…it is the geared-up Gal Gadot, who shines in her brief appearance as the fierce, iconic savior Wonder Woman.

Questions we have for the movie: Batman and Superman have been on good terms with each other, so why are producers pitting the superheroes against each other? Naturally, the fight draws an impressive amount of attention—but it is still frustrating to see the last spark of Batman flicker as he fights against one of the few, undeterred good guys left in Gotham.

Side note: While most of the information about the 2016 movie is being kept behind closed doors…or covered up by certain caped heroes…the producers have acknowledged that both superheroes possess intelligence and strength, although Superman has “more weaknesses than [we] may think.” This will no doubt lead to the exploitation of said flaws in the middle of the movie…and we are crossing our fingers, counting down the days, and downright looking forward to that!