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Captain Marvel Breaks the Mold

By Sarina Patel, Jr. Assistant Editor and Comic Hub Editor


Given that Marvel plans out their movies years in advance, it is interesting to see the unconventional route they continue to undertake with each movie release. Perhaps most intriguingly, despite fans of the first Avengers movie requesting a Black Widow movie, the female avenger’s solo film debut has been shelved. Instead, there is a new superheroine in town—Captain Marvel, coming to theaters in 2019.

It would be inaccurate to say Captain Marvel is the new superheroine in town, as her first incarnation as the male Captain Marvel occurred in the twelfth edition of comic book series Marvel Super-Heroes, in December 1967. However, she is the newest addition to Marvel’s longstanding collection of live-action comic book-adaptation action films.

That is not the film’s distinguishing characteristic. Captain Marvel will be “the first Disney+ exclusive film following theatrical release” according to The Verge. Captain Marvel also chooses to go by “Captain Marvel” instead of “Ms. Marvel”, perhaps keeping with contemporary appeal towards genderless titles.

The marketing approach undertaken with the first female-lead superhero film is also unconventional.  The official Google biography offers only one sentence about the plot of Captain Marvel, that “[she] gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races”. There is indeed much speculation about the character of Captain Marvel, as Marvel Studios has been elusive, not explanatory, about examining her identity.

Though it is unconventional, that is not to say it is unsuccessful as a tactic. Where intrigue leads, an audience often follows. Regardless of the numerous ways in which Captain Marvel has cemented itself as being unlike any other superhero film even prior to its release, these unconventionalities will probably be more of a secret sidekick to the superheroine’s box office success than a villainous weapon.