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Double the Fun in Elena of Avalor

By Sarina Patel, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Jr. Assistant Editor


With the news of a royal spinoff taking Sofia the First enthusiasts by storm, fans are scouring the Internet for featurettes, behind-the-scenes takes, and sneak peeks of the much-anticipated series, Elena of Avalor.

Look no further than this article—we’ve uncovered new and intriguing information about the animated show.

It looks like Princess Elena is going to share the spotlight with her little sister.

Freddy Morales, a publicity assistant for Disney Jr., explained to the Comic Hub team: “[We have] a royal first look of Princess Elena’s little sister, Isabel, a budding inventor.”

Did you hear that? ‘A budding inventor’. Incorporating a modern-day profession into a fairytale kingdom is part of what makes Elena of Avalor so revolutionary.

Isabel’s presence as a scientist defeats the tired idea that a cute little sister serves solely as comic relief in big-budget Disney movies.

Morales continues: “[Isabel] is voiced by Jenna Ortega and will be featured in Disney Junior’s Elena of Avalor on Disney Channel.”

Let’s say that one more time. ‘Featured’. Isabel will have a prominent role in Elena of Avalor, distinguishing herself as a cut above the rest of Disney’s cookie-cutter, carbon-copy sibling roles. This is a game-changing move!

Voice actress Jenna Ortega shares her thoughts: “I always wanted to be a Disney princess…[being] a part of Elena of Avalor and voicing Princess Isabel is a dream come true. I love her creativity and determination…and we both love our sisters!”

Skeptics may wonder: What’s so astounding about yet another Disney princess?

Here are 5 reasons why Isabel is defying the gravitational pull of princess clichés:

  1. For starters, Isabel lives in: “A…fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures” alongside Elena.
  1. She doesn’t just pay attention to Elena when it concerns the plot. Isabel loves her sister.
  1. Disney, a company that is no stranger to the not-unjustifiable criticisms about a pointed lack of diversity, has finally granted us an exception: Isabel is a Latina protagonist, and she is proud of her rich heritage. Since most Disney movies involve a princess abandoning Point A for her dream life (a prince, a castle, a kingdom, the whole package) at Point B, it’s a real treat to see the world through the eyes of a princess who remembers and connects with her roots.
  1. A common misconstrued notion is that princesses lead a life filled with roses, sunshine, and rainbows. That stereotype is shattered in Elena of Avalor. Expect Isabel to endure many struggles in the spinoff series.
  1. La hermana de Elena is clearly recognized as more than second-in-line to the throne. Being a child, the princess will simultaneously grapple with growing up in a fairytale kingdom and solving problems herself…learning how to take charge much in the same way that a younger Princess Sofia did when she was presented with the amulet.

To find out more about Princess Elena’s role in Elena of Avalor, read the article listed here.

Below is a link to the Facebook post:

Elena of Avalor (arriving later in 2016) is off to a great start. More updates to follow.