Amazing Kids! Magazine

Introduction to our New Comic Hub Column

By Sehen Gamhewa and Sarina Patel, Comic Hub Column Editors


We are very excited about the introduction of our new Comic Hub column. Comic Hub will be your “go to” place for everything about comics. This column will include:

  • Cartoons
  • Single Comics
  • Comic Strips
  • Fanfiction
  • Information about what is happening in the comic world – conventions, new movies, toys, youtube videos, comments about plot twists and new characters.
  • Parodies
  • News in the comic world
  • Upcoming events
  • Reviews of shows
  • Reviews and discussions about popular animated movies
  • Current Marvel/DC news,
  • Kid-friendly, funny, manga (written in English)
  • and interviews with comic book writers/ (digital) animators.

Of course this column will be great because of YOU! We want you to put on your thinking caps and come up with something special for us.

When submitting your work, here are some important rules:

  1. You can base your piece on other work as long as it is TRANSFORMED into something different.
  2. If the work is not solely your own, properly credit and/or cite the creator of the piece of work it reflects.
  3. Always keep your work positive and upbeat. Any work that in any way is negative to the original piece of work will not be published.
  4. We ONLY accept kid-friendly stories/pictures/etc., appropriate for kids between the ages 5-12. We will NOT accept inappropriate topics, words, or images. We will NOT accept mean, cruel, or hateful references or any disrespect towards others. Violent or other frightening subjects should not be used. Please also refrain from romantic situations.
  5. Please submit all articles using a Word (.doc) attachment or use plain text within the body of your email. Submit drawings or pictures by scanning the work as a jpeg, pdf, or png.
  6. We only accept links to kid-friendly videos or digital animations which have already been posted on safe, moderated video websites.

We know that this column will be great. With your help we can make it fun, current, and creative. We look forward to reading your work! Send submissions to: