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Spidey Returns Home: Spiderman Homecoming

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Contributing Writer


Guess who’s back? That’s right. It’s our favorite web-slinger, Spiderman!

With Spiderman: Homecoming set to release in July, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in May, Wonder Woman in June, and Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League around November, comic book lovers are bound to have a real treat this year. What’s more, with all the trailers giving us awesome little sneak peeks into the movies, they’re sure to get into a real frenzy.

Especially with Spiderman: Homecoming. It’s gathered a lot of hype—and that’s reasonable. I mean, just look at the trailers. Anyone who’s watched the trailers would immediately get caught up in the “Homecoming Hype!”

A few reasons:

  • The Vulture, who is the movie’s main antagonist and one of Peter’s oldest and most powerful foes, doesn’t look like a chicken man in a green suit anymore. Now he looks like a fully fledged mad scientist in an AWESOME tech suit with giant wings.

  • Also, Marvel seems to have finally found an actor who suits Spiderman through and through: Tom Holland. To be honest, not only did he capture Captain America’s shield, but he also captured his movie and everyone’s hearts in Captain America: Civil War.
  • And the movie is also based in and around high school instead of being an action movie with a few glimpses of school here and there. Peter’s high school and the people in it have a significant deal to do with the plot (or so the trailer seems to tell us). Many of the problems teens face and many of those “relatable moments” are presented funnily.
  • And Spiderman is finally presented as an actual nerd instead of a cool action hero who wears glasses. We nerds know what an actual nerd is like, and from what the trailer shows, we can see that Tom Holland is a complete nerd—a nerd with abs but a nerd all the same. *Sigh.
  • And so on…

So it’s pretty safe to say that we can expect the movie to be a very good one. And won’t we all be glad!