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The Last Punch, Television Show

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor


Ever dreamed of a superhero that was undefeatable? Ever dreamed of someone who was so ridiculously strong, he could punch someone and defeat the greatest Villain of all time with it? With just one punch…Meet ‘Saitama,’ the ‘One-Punch Man.’

One-Punch Man, based on the immensely popular web-comic of the same name, that went viral years back, does NOT disappoint (at all). As IGN’s Meghan Sullivan says, “It’s a one-two punch of hard hitting action and comedy, and well worth checking out.”

Although it started as a humble web-comic from an even humbler author, who goes by the pseudonym (One), it has (as of 2016) become one of the world’s top TV Shows, with a rating on 9.4 on IMDB. This humble author, who dreamed of the spectacular fights of Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece and so on, combined their excitement, the boringness he felt, and everything else he knew to make something truly special. He made…One Punch-Man…

What makes One-Punch Man so effective is how it just flips the most ordinary Shounen archetype on its head. (Full Credit goes to Mr. One for that one.) Instead of crawling and stumbling to the top, salary-man-turned-superhero Saitama is already the best, but he struggles to find an opponent in battle that can go ten seconds with him. (At full power of course.) However, being top dog does not come for free … Saitama trained so hard, his hair fell out, and to be honest, his training regime of a 100 push-ups, 100 squats, a 100 more of a few other exercises, and a 10 km run after that, every day, probably gives Hulk nightmares.

So far, no beast has bested him, and instead of feeling a sense of satisfaction from being undefeated, Saitama feels only boredom. Isn’t there a single monster who can survive his vicious fist of doom? His entire city is overrun with all sorts of bizarre monsters, yet none of them can withstand a single punch from him. Boring, right?

Yet somehow, the battles are nothing like that. On the contrary, snappy direction and really aggressive enemies make some of the fights look like a really close thing. Until of course, all of a sudden, One-Punch Man casually climbs out from the rubble, and destroys his opponents with his signature right hook.

On any other show, these fights might make for some heavy viewing, because they can be surprisingly gruesome…But luckily, One-Punch Man’s knockouts are attended with a genius bit of comedic timing, which most importantly prevents the viewer from not being repulsed by the monster’s intestines being spilled all over the place. Mortal Kombat players would feel quite at home though, wouldn’t they?

Much of One-Punch Man’s humor comes from the really weird character designs. Examples include a monster with a car engine for a head, a skirt-wearing caveman, a chicken with human hands, a crab with underpants, and a boy whose chin looks like…well, let’s just say his chin could use some underpants, too…

However, some of the jokes don’t work its magic on us Western people. There are small, clever references to stuff like Japan’s low birth-rate, and the drudgery of being a salary-man, but these jokes won’t make their mark on those who aren’t familiar with Japanese culture already. But, the humor behind this superhero’s ‘Quest for the Best’ is immediately humorous no matter where you are from.

All in all, as I said earlier, the One-Punch Man has punched his way to the top, and become one of the world’s top TV show dogs. So, let’s hope the punch is enough for you too…

Interested in watching already? Well then, if you search online, you’ll find multiple websites, but I’ve shortlisted a few below…In the meantime, keep punching fellows!