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The Newest Hit: The Apocalypse

By Sehen Gambewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Contributing Writer


Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about the Apocalypse. The one and only En Sabah Nur, or Lord Apocalypse, as he is commonly known, or rather, the film he starred in. X-Men: Apocalypse is 2016’s newest Marvel hit, and it was released in North America, on May 27th. But it wasn’t so good that it sparked the world up with talk about Marvel’s amazing movie‐making abilities, like Civil War did.

In fact, it’s not awesome. It’s not horrible. It’s somewhere, lost in the middle of the critique’s rating system. Which is sad, since the film had so much potential, and could have turned out to be another hit like its predecessor…. XMen. Apocalypse was, as you could say, very much like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans are split right down the middle, unlike with Civil War or XMen: Days of Future Past, where people found themselves rooting for both those amazing films. Although XMen may never be that multimillion‐dollar franchise Fox wants it to be, it is a nice addition to have in the current climate of the Superhero genre. Critiques rate it at around 5, or 6 out of the ten points scale, which proves that most people are suffering from split‐in‐the‐middle disease. But, at the same time, there were moments. ‘Moments’ in the sense, moments of intense emotion, or familiarity, for fans of the older movies, which actually made the movie worth watching.  One thing that was unusual, and added a bit of flare to XMen: Apocalypse, was its protagonist, or rather, should I say  –ists.  The movie doesn’t center around one specific person, at least until the end, and not properly even then.  It starts off with the camera on Lord Apocalypse. A little altercation, putting it mildly, takes place and after a lot of fire and magic and crashes and bangs, we end up with our kind‐of hero, Cyclops, the laser blaster. After a few scenes again, we now have one of the film’s major heroes, Mystique, and a sorrow-turned‐rage Magneto…and so on. All the characters complement each other. There’s no one super powerful character. Teamwork is key, and here it is actually shown. Another thing, some of the twists and out‐of‐nowhere turns that people faced while watching this movie were pretty awesome. For old fans, it brought back memories. For new fans, it made new ones.  The emotional play that the characters underwent was pretty good. You could empathize with them.  Especially Magneto. He played his part really well. All in all, this movie didn’t really live up to the hype, which it should’ve, considering the potential it had. But then again, even the best of times have failures (not saying this is a failure though). It was a success in some ways, not so in others. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the real apocalypse, won’t we? The one that will rock the whole world…