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Thor: A Solid Thor Outta Thive (Forgive Me)

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor


We know that Thor is the God of Thunder and Lightning and Hammers, but strangely enough, with him being the strongest Avenger and God almighty and all, he has found himself an even bigger, better, and stranger power—a really corny sense of humor.

In the opening scenes itself, as some random demon dude who’s miraculously managed to capture Thor and bind him in chains goes on with his never-ending, cliché evil guy monologue, Thor keeps cutting in and interrupting as his chains slowly spin him around. “Yeah, give me a second, I’m coming around, just a second.”

And well, it makes you think, doesn’t it? How on earth does an ancient god that’s, well, relatively new to Earth nail that kind of corny comedic timing?

And please, don’t just say I’m jealous of the strongest Avenger the most idiotic avenger; he’s just idiotic, all right? *Secretly glares at a Chris Hemsworth poster.

The movie in itself is pretty much just a walk in the park. Except, here, the park has some crazy, yet hilarious stuff going on inside, STARRING:

  • The Almighty God of Hammers with a new rugby haircut (Chris Hemsworth)
  • His poor adopted brother (Tom Hiddleston)
  • His friend from work (Mark Ruffalo)
  • Rock dude (Voiced by Taika Watiti)
  • Emo Asgardian Maleficent (Cate Blanchett)
  • Drunk lady (Tessa Thompson)
  • Blue Chin Gold Bum (Jeff Goldbum Goldblum)
  • And much more!

The movie is, in one word, a romp. Just a fun, crazy adventure with glaring plot black-holes, bad CG, terrible Green Screening, and much more, except it’s all ridiculously made fun of (in a way) by the movie itself. It’s just outright hilarious and weird. And all credits go to Taika Watiti for doing such a splendid job, at least in my opinion.

Watiti really made the movie enjoyable by bringing out all of the inner corniness he could find in the deep reaches of Chris Hemsworth’s stoic machismo-ness, as well as everything he could pull out from anywhere within the movie. Not to mention being the voice actor and mastermind behind the most brilliant scene steal of the century as the rock dude.

Mark Ruffalo was excellent as Hull and just adorable as a fuzzy, confused Bruce Banner who’s staggering around the place while simultaneously bromancing with our insecure god who needs constant self- or otherwise reassurance that he is the strongest of them all (a.k.a. Thor).

Tessa Thompson was a strong female lead, and she did her part very well; and as for Cate Blanchett, she played an excellent emo Maleficient Hela, who in the movie is Thor and Loki’s older sister. That is a warning signal for Norse scholars to please look away and to not even come close to this movie.

This movie has gotten a lot wrong about the original Norse myths if I’m being honest, but I actually quite like it. It’s a new, fresh, funny way to approach this whole, big, fat mess that is the Thor movie series.

Besides that, I don’t really have much else to say about the movie without spoiling the entirety of the movie, but as I said before, it’s a pretty refreshing way to approach this whole Norse God mythology thing being adopted into a movie franchise. It’s funny, but it has its moments of drama, although the drama is a bit weak in my opinion. The story doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere, and it’s kinda abrupt at points, but the Romp-iness in the movie makes it a worthwhile watch.

So, go watch it because it’s a heck of a fun ride with the strongest avenger—Hulk.