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Why Do We Love the Peanuts Cartoon So Much?

By Dani Carabantes


Have you ever wondered why the Peanuts cartoon is so popular? If so, then you’ll realize that it’s popular because of its characters. What causes the characters to be loved is that they teach us about ourselves and tell us that there are joyful, rude, and hopeful people in the world. Here’s how.

To begin with, we learn from Charlie Brown to be hopeful. We learn this by seeing how Charlie Brown never gives up no matter how many times he falls. In one of the comic strips, Charlie Brown scores a 101 in bowling and gets a trophy; he is happy until Lucy ruins his moment by pointing out that they have spelled his name wrong. Although he is upset, he tries to pursue baseball, but when he fails again, Charlie Brown just keeps going.

In addition, Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy, shows us that he is smart. While Charlie Brown fails often, Snoopy mostly does everything right. In doing so, Snoopy teaches us how to try our best. In one of the comic strips, Snoopy is playing baseball with Charlie Brown, and they are trying to catch the ball, but when the ball comes towards them, Snoopy—not Charlie—is the one who catches the ball. The Peanuts gang cheers for him. This proves that Snoopy is smart and talented.

Another character we love on the Peanuts cartoon is Lucy. She is the girl that bullies everyone—mainly Charlie. When she is setting the football for Charlie to kick, she tricks him into kicking it when she actually makes him fall. She doesn’t care about what others think and is prideful about her own abilities. These traits show that Lucy is uncaring and rude, a new and surprising character in the Peanuts friend circle.

The most interesting aspect is the Peanuts gang. It is an interesting mix of all the characters. You would think that they are all nice and happy, but some of them have real problems, such as Lucy. In every Peanuts cartoon, there is not only one of the Peanuts characters; it’s always two or more, which is a sign of friendship. They are always together no matter what, but in some of the comics, Lucy is either with Charlie Brown teasing him or with one of the kids in the Peanuts gang. This demonstrates that the Peanuts gang is like a blissful, happy family.

In conclusion, we now know what the characters are like and why people love them so much. That is to say the Peanuts characters, and the cartoon itself is loved because of how funny it is and also because of the characters’ personalities. Who knows? Maybe one day, we will discover another reason why people love the Peanuts cartoon so much!

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