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Book Review of Freddy and Mrs Goodwich

By Adena Trevor
Reviewed by Chef Remmi of Cook Time with Remmi
Published by XLIBRIS, ISBN: 978-1-49905-712-6, Available in softcover, e-book
For all ages, Available on Amazon


A fun, wonderful, and educational read, Freddy and Mrs Goodwich tells the story of a young boy named Freddy teaching Mrs Goodwich, a truly nice witch, how to make yummy and easy pancakes! Not only do Freddy and Mrs Goodwich soar on her flying broomstick to her peculiar little cottage; but the story flies above the general expectation of adults teaching kids how to cook, instead it empowers kids in the kitchen. I recommend Freddy and Mrs Goodwich for a good story and super learning experience for beginners in the kitchen. With Freddy’s help, anyone can make delishomposhus pancakes!